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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The NOTYQ Retreat

I had such a wonderful time at the North of the Yarra Quilters' Retreat but came back very very tired, hence I've been asleep most of the last three days.  But now I'm feeling re energised and ready to face the world again.
I was lucky enough to be collected by my dear friend Christine on Friday and off we went for a day of shopping on the way to Myrniong.   
We started off with a hot chocolate while we planned our route and then off to GJ's where I was lucky enough to buy some of the new Tilda range.
Next stop was beautiful Cutting Cloth in Fairfield.
We left the city and headed out to Gisborne to enjoy a delicious lunch at Three Little Pigs
and a catch up with gorgeous Marg and her friends at  Patch' n Quilt.  It was wonderful to chat to Marg and meet Gabby and all the other lovely ladies.
Our last stop was lovely Millrose Quilts in Ballan, where it seemed half of the NOTYQ retreat attendees were happily shopping.
Then off to the quilting retreat.  My lovely little room overlooked the lake.
Lake Dewar is such a pretty venue and I must say I particularly enjoyed the beautiful and abundant birdlife. 
I absolutely adore Sew Mama Sew and all the wonderful patterns and projects shared by Christine and Beth.
Just follow this LINK to find the pattern for magnificent Good Day Sunshine.

I'm off for my regular Pokeman hunt with Henry.  Wish us luck.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a happy, wonderful adventure. Well deserved.

  2. What great pictures! I haven't seen a quilt shop in Japan like those in your photos. What fun!

  3. what fun... I couldn't resist some of the new Tilda's either

  4. It certainly was another fun weekend, Mel. Thanks for being such a wonderful travelling partner! xx

  5. Good to see you back again. I thought you may have been resting. It's funny how retreats still make us so tired LOL. Too much chatting and eating LOL. I love that shop in Fairfield. I have been to the one in Ballan a couple of times and like that one too.

  6. Looks like you had a great time at retreat with Christine. Loved your little room with its cute as crochet blanket. Happy hunting for the Pokémons

  7. Such a wonderful time you both had! Love all the new fabrics, you lucky girl lol

  8. Looks like a lovely place

  9. Glad you had a great time Melody... & such wonderful company makes any event even better!

  10. What an amazing time, great post!!

  11. Lovely view and room looks like a great place for a retreat and lots of fun :)

  12. What a lovely trip! I would love to make a trip to the "other" Melbourne and visit all your beautiful shoppes! Melbourne Florida only has one that beautiful.

  13. Retreats are so much fun. Good to hear you had a great time with a beautiful view.

  14. Well that looks like great fun - so glad you got rested up and could go!



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