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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Horrible Housework

I've been so busy having a big clean up and customising and playing with my new phone that I've not had much time to make anything except a couple of little (3/8") hexie flowers.

Hard to believe just how grown up my favourite little fella is looking.

Can't wait to see him when he gets back from his holidays down on the Mornington Peninsula;

How gorgeous is the next block in Pamela's Bee-utiful Quilt A Long. ( see Monday's blog post).  You can find it by following this LINK to the Moda Bakeshop.

Hope you are enjoying a happy day


  1. Those Hexies are delicious, and Henry is a delight.

  2. I keep hoping that the cleaning fairies will come. Sweet boy!

  3. Such cute little hexies! I'm getting ready to start a new hexagon project.

  4. Those hexie flowers are so cute. Housework seems pointless really (yes I know it needs doing)you make everything nice and sparkly clean and no one comes round the minute its untidy again, yup visitors arrive! I have a cross stitch picture, which says, You can touch the dust, but please don´t write in it! sums it up really. xcx

  5. What gorgeous hexies.
    Love the pose from your grandy too cute.

  6. Lovely hexies, especially the middle one. Housework is something that keeps coming around and around will always be there and some days more than other days needs a little extra attention.

  7. Lovely hexies my the little fellas has grown

  8. Cute hexies....adorable little man.

  9. Oh hon your hexies are so cute, but that Henry is beyond cute! He's going to be a heartbreaker for sure! Housework - ugh - that's ALL I've been doing. I don't think anyone cleaned this house in decades!

  10. Henry is quite a young man now and very cheeky looking. Cute hexies, very pretty.



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