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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


OK, that might be a bit over dramatic...but I have been very ill as a result of a new medication introduced last week.  I take 15 tablets every morning and ten more at night and manage the side effects pretty well...but tablet number 26 has hit me like a Mack truck. 

I have not been able to do anything which means I haven't had anything to blog about...and a funny little dog (Maxie) has been lying on me wanting to be patted when ever I am awake, so no sewing either.

I was really looking forward to Relax and Stitch on this Saturday and Lisa of Fig'n'Berry's Stitchery Day on Sunday but unfortunately I am not well enough to attend either, so I'll miss seeing lots of my lovely stitching friends.

I am determined to be well enough for my dear Sammy's 30th birthday (Henry's Dad) the following weekend and  I plan to attend the 
Waverley Patchworker's Quilt Show too.  
Here are the details.
The dates and times and location for the Quilt Show in 2016 are:
Saturday May 28 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday May 29 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Mount Waverley Community Centre, Miller Crescent Mount Waverley. This is directly opposite the Mount Waverley Station, and easy to get to via the Monash Freeway using the Forster Rd exit.

How amazing is the raffle quilt?  I've already bought a couple of tickets and plan to get a couple more at the show.

Hope I'll see some of you there.

My lovely friend Ondrea sent me this link as she thought I might like to share it on my blog, and I certainly want to share as it sounds fabulous.  Thanks Ondrea.

It is a Morris fabric themed Hexathon.  What a brilliant idea so we shouldn't be surprised it comes from super clever, super talented Barbara Brackman at Material Cultural.  Please follow this LINK.   If you are at all interested in history and the history of quilts in particular, Barbara's site is a brilliant place to visit.

I have written a number of posts and scheduled them to appear over the next few days so that you can still see some links to lovely free patterns and tutorials while I'm stuck in bed.  Hope you will call back tomorrow to see what I've found.


  1. I love the history of quilting - thank you for the link. I hope you feel better soon and that they find you a better replacement tablet. I am sending you love and healthy vibes all the way from England. 💟💟

  2. you probably don't know me, I am one of your readers via email so I don't always come comment. I had to because I want you to know we are here, standing behind you. Whether or not you sew. We'll share your difficult times, and doesn't the reaction to the meds just suck?
    Your adorable dog is trying to comfort, and that counts more than a stitch or two now. You'll sew something terrific soon. I love your blog, and send you healing wishes and the tiny bit of comfort I can. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Sending love and hugs dear Mel,hope you are well enough to celebrate your sons Birthday and attent the quilt shows.xx

  4. Maxie is a lovely little nursemaid. I hope you're feeling better soon, a birthday and a quilt show should help. x

  5. Sorry to hear that your meds are hitting you hard. I've been going round and round with my blood thinners for a while now, so I know how unpleasant that is.

  6. Melody, I feel so sorry that you have had a horrid reaction with your new med. Having worked in Pharmacy for many, many years I am well aware of how dangerous some drugs can be to people and how things react together nastily. It's terrible. So very necessary to ensure you and your drugs are compatibile. I hope that things settle very very quickly for you. Side effects are very scary at times. Take care. xx

  7. Oh dear, some side effects are rough with tablets. Do hope they can either change it or the side effects settle down for you. I know my Dad once swapped out a heart tablet for another but it's side effects were even worst - in the end he was happy to swap back to the old one. Hoping and praying you feel much better soon.

  8. Sorry to hear that you have had such a bad reaction to your medication Mel. Definately a birthday party for Sammy will help you feel better especially with Henry's smiling face and warm hugs. Take care xx

  9. Hope you are starting to feel better now! Love that raffle quilt!

  10. JUst got a chance to see this post. I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell again. Many gentle angel hugs. Hope you recover so you can get back to enjoying your quilting adventures.



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