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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fighting out of my League and Visiting St John's

Yesterday was a lovely mild sunny morning in Melbourne so I thought a couple of hours in the garden was a good idea.  Now that the hot weather is over, everything in my garden is putting on amazing growth, in particular the plumbago and the native fig climber.  I like a slightly wild garden but not quite this wild...somewhere under the white plumbago there is a park bench.
So out, I went secateurs in hand, when I noticed how big the self seeded blackberry had become.  I first spotted it on the rockery in spring but thought I'll leave it there for a few months so the birds, possums and other native creatures who live in my garden could eat the delicious berries.  I hadn't been out on the rockery for awhile as it is very steep and I've been a bit wobbly lately.  
You can see how steep it is by looking at how far the street is below. (That's why this blog is called The House on the Side of the Hill.  It is literally the truth.)

I started to tackle it.  Of course I wasn't wearing gloves or long sleeves.  And boy did it get me.  So only one bin load of snippings...no way I'm putting it in my compost heap.
A victory for the insidious plant in my garden. I think I'll take a trip to Bunnings on my way to Scquilters today...some sturdy leather gloves needed here...I think I need to be in gardening armour before I face my foe again.

Because last week was not the best, John thought I needed a treat so he drove me down to Cranbourne for the St John's Quilters Show on Saturday. My son Jack looked after Essie for me so I could get out of the house.
The show was wonderful and it was great to catch up with some fellow Scquilters and with some of the ladies from St John's who visited us at Scquilters last month. (See my March 4th post).
Here are a few of the quilts which really took my fancy.

It is very hard to pick just a few to share as there were so many wonderful quilts on show.  I'll share some more tomorrow.
Pretty by Hand is one of my all time favourite blogs.  I just adore Kristyne's style.  I thought you might enjoy this tutorial, where she shares how to make an Embroidered Signature Block.  Here's the LINK.
There are so many hints and tips.  I loved the font Kristyne used and she shares a link so we can download it too.  And hooray it is free as well.

Hope you have time for some sewing fun today


  1. Beautiful garden on the side of the hill, but yes I can see why you would have to be carful. Well done tackling that blackberry bush and yes gloves a must. Beautiful quilts enjoy your day at Squilters.x

  2. urggg! blackberries are so tough to tackle! good on you.
    looks like you had a lovely time looking at some beautiful quilts

  3. That blackberry can be a bad plant...it grows so fast, we had lots at Gisborne. Some beautiful quilts at the show.

  4. Will you be fined for having blackberry growing in your garden? I wonder how far the seeds have been spread now. I think you should have removed that plant as soon as you saw it. Or asked John to do it for you. Perhaps your local council has an invasive plant officer to assist you. The wildlife does not need blackberries and neither does your rather lovely garden.

    1. It never occurred to me about the seeds spreading but I'm glad you told me and I will not do this again. I certainly will remove any I get in the future, not just because it scratched me to pieces but also to protect the environment. And you are right the wildlife don't need blackberries as I've got heaps of native plants and flowering gums for all the wildlife including all the darling little flying foxes I forget to mention. I tried to contact you to thank you for helping me rethink this but couldn't work out how to comment on your blog.

  5. Lovely garden Mel! From the looks of those thorns, I think sturdy leather gloves are needed....yikes! Lovely quilts at the show...and thank you for the link. Hope you're feeling better....

  6. Glad you got some of your garden sorted.... I must get outside and sort mine out too! Now the warmer Spring weather has arrived the weeds are growing very quickly! Christine x

  7. Those blackberries sure can do some damage no matter how careful you are they always cut you somewhere, glove up and long sleeves are a must. Your garden looks really beautiful.

  8. You sure do live on the side of a hill! Be careful out there! Thanks for the quilt show and the label info! You always share such great freebies and links!

  9. Those blackberry bushes can be vicious Mel. Such beautiful quilts

  10. Now THAT'S a hill! Oh that gardening, very brave of you Melody... I have same problems with my bougainvillea

  11. Sorry you were attacked by your garden. I was tackling mine today too. I love the art nouveau flower quilt.

  12. Yikes, that's some hill! You be careful out there! I wonder if your blackberry is the same as ours - delicious berries, but oh the thorns. Gorgeous quilts!



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