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Thursday, April 7, 2016

A surprise from the Bunny and some more lovely quilts...

I feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends online and in the various stitching groups I love to attend.  A mystery somebunny has sent me a secret present.  I wonder who it was?  I do have a couple of friends who adore the work of Michelle Palmer as much as me.  I checked the postmark and I do know someone with a heart of gold who lives near where it was posted. This is what was in the parcel

Michelle's art work is exquisite

So to my secret bunny, thank you so much ...I adore my gift...you cheered me up more than you will ever know.

Yesterday I went to my monthly Scquilters Meeting.  They are such a great group of ladies.  I couldn't resist sharing this picture of sweet Ramona's daughter arriving at her wedding ceremony.  It even made the Weekly Times.

Isn't it wonderful?

Here are some more beautiful quilts from the St John's Quilter's Show last weekend.
I was thrilled that the ANZAC quilt created by the group was on display at the show.  I'd told John all about it, raved about it in fact, so it was great he could see it too and he was just as impressed as me.
The piece of community artwork is four metres wide by two and half metres deep with 4888 two inch squares making up the Gallipoli landscape.  The level of skill of the quilters is amazing.  If you get the opportunity to see it, please do.
There were lots of small quilts honouring the ANZAC Centenary too.  Some were very poignant

Not everything was heart breaking.  There were some really fun elements at the show too.

I really enjoyed the work of so many super talented quilters.  A grand day out.
How beautiful is this bag?
I love it.  If you would like to make one for yourself the pattern is very kindly shared HERE at wonderful Debbie Shore.  Enormous thanks to Debbie for sharing it with us.

I'm off to stitch with my NOTYQ friends today
Hope you have a fun filled day


  1. What a pretty little bunny and an extremely interesting exhibition! Christine x

  2. What a lovely surprise. I wonder who your mystery giver is! Those ANZAC quilts are amazing.

  3. Such a sweet bunny. Very moving quilts. Thank you for the project links you always post.

  4. The aprons and bag are darling! Fun projects!

  5. That is a gorgeous rabbit and perfect just around Easter time.

  6. That's one very special bunny Mel. Gorgeous quilts with so much moving stories thanks for posting the photos.x

  7. Such a thoughtful gift Mel...
    Lots of amazing Anzac quilts.

  8. Your bunny is very special and the quilts are magnificent. I wish I could have seen them.

  9. Love your beautiful bunny - how gorgeous and more beautiful quilts



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