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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stitching with On-line Friends

I spent the afternoon stitching with friends at my LQS...I love being able to say that.  The Quilt Shop is only five minutes from home and it is a beautiful shop. I've corresponded with Sue for quite awhile so it was lovely to meet her in person. And yes, she was just as lovely as I knew she would be.
That's lovely Sue on the right.
Noelene, me ,Sonja and Sue.  Such a fabulous bunch.

Just a small reminder about the very important charity that Sonja helps to organise.

Do you have a spare handbag in your cupboard?
As we know, women and mothers tend to be selfless, going without thebasic of necessities. As we enter the holiday season there are a number of wonderful campaigns to ensure that children don’t miss out on the magic of Christmas Day. Share the Dignity felt the need to ensure women also have a special gift for themselves to smile about on Christmas Day. As such, we have launched the Share the Dignity #itsinthebag campaign where women can donate a handbag they no longer use and fill it with life’s little luxuries for women in need.

The only things you cannot put in the bag is FOOD, RAZORS, MEDICATONS and ALCOHOL the rest is up to you, limited only by your imagination and bag size really!
Sanitary items, toothbrush, hairbrush, hair ties, deodarant, make up, lip gloss, sunglasses, sunscreen, baby wipes, soap, body cream...... It is your gift to give and create.
I even put a handwriten xmas card in my bag.
Your kindness will make another Woman's Day this Christmas.
We ask that you share this with your friends and making a difference has never been so easy. Head to our website, click on the "It'sinthebag" and then on your state to find your closest donation point.
We want to see your pictures of your bags please pop them on instagram and facebook and use the hashtag #itsinthebag
Thank you so much for helping us to Share the Dignity.

How sweet is this?
An adorable printable freebie from fabulous Jenny from brilliant Allsorts.  Please follow this LINK.
Hope you have time for some stitching fun today
And here's my darling little Henry sharing the happy Christmas feeling that's in the air.


  1. That little Henry is adorable and totally made me smile! Looks like a fun time with friends and a great idea for those purses.

  2. Melody this is an issue I've never really thought about for homeless women, & women in tight financial circumstances... thanks for the information & I'll be putting together a bag for sure.

  3. I had a clean up and donated about 20 bags plus heaps of motel soaps, shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers... Thanks for the link and idea of giving

  4. I will check that out mel ... Love the photo os Henry 💙💙💙

  5. Hi Melody, Thank you for sharing the info on Share The Dignity, it is something I had not really thought about, I took a couple of bags to my nearest drop off point here in NE Victoria yesterday. Thanks again for sharing the idea and all the free patterns you find for us. xo



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