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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nelson and the Duke of Edinburgh Award

This year I am a Duke of Edinburgh assessor and Christine's son, Nelson, is the participant.  I am very proud of Nelson and his achievements.  For the Skills Section he decided to learn to quilt and elected to make Blankets of Love, which are small quilts given to parents of babies who have died at or around the time of birth as a lasting memento.  
Here he is with his quilts.
Well done Nelson, you are such a wonderful young man.
I found a brilliant tutorial on Big Stitch Hand Quilting and thought you might find it useful too.
Please follow this LINK to inspiring Rebecca Mae Designs.  Huge thanks to Sherri for sharing her wonderful talent with us.
Wishing you a super happy Tuesday


  1. What a great job Nelson has done with all lose blankets..Mel bet it was a pleasure to work with him.

  2. Wonderful stuff! Congratulations.

  3. As someone who has experienced pregnancy loss and knows many others who have lost babies at birth, I just would like to say thank you to Nelson. What he's doing is so important!! Seeing a blog post like this gives me hope. Thank you for blogging about it!

  4. Well done, Nelson. When I was at high school I did the bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. It is done here, but usually as a sort of diversionary program to keep Indigenous Australian youth from going to prison. Consequently no-one else wants to go anywhere near it. A shame really, as the whole program is excellent. Keep going, Nelson, if you have the opportunity. It looks like you have a very compassionate personality combined with an adventurous spirit.

  5. Nelson should feel very proud of himself and his achievement. Well done x

  6. Such a clever young guy. See you tomorrow.

  7. Well done Nelson,such a wonderful thing to do .

    1. How wonderful is that. And such a gorgeous job he has done

  8. Nelson has done a great job for a wonderful cause! Thank you for the brilliant link too! Christine x

  9. Nelson did a fabulous job of learning how to make those gorgeous Quilts of Love...sew nice of you Mel to be his assessor....

  10. All the little blankets look great. Love that tutorial. Thanks



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