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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hexie happiness and FNSI results

A lovely surprise arrived in my letter box, from Lynette.  She thought I might like some hexies for my pink and red hexie collection...and I do like them, in fact I love them.  She also included some hexies for me to sew if I am having a bad day and am stuck in bed.  Such a wonderful and kind thing to do.  I'm so sorry I don't have your email address, Lynette, please get in touch...I'd love to make a couple for you.
I'm lucky enough to attend classes with lovely Di Ford Hall and I'm making her beautiful quilt Rotherfield Greys.  I'm up to the hexies on the fourth border and I started making them last night as part of Friday Night Sew In organised by Wendy at Sugar Lane Designs.  Many many thanks to Wendy for organising this fun event for us.
These are 3/4" hexies and they seem so big because I've been making lots of 3/8" lately.  I need a couple of hundred so I'll try to grab some time to make some more over the weekend.
If you'd like to learn a bit about Di please follow this LINK.
Did you Di Ford Hall has designed her own fabric range and there is a beautiful free pattern available at the Andover Fabric site?

Just go HERE to download a copy.  If you check out the Free Patterns section you will find a whole lot more fabulous free patterns.

I'm not feeling brilliant today so I'm going to lie on the couch, watch my favourite gothic horror show ...Penny Dreadful... and make hexies.  Should be fun.
Hope you have a fun day too


  1. Ohhh I love Penny Dreadful too...just bought the dvds so I have my own copy...but can only watch when alone sigh and that doesn't happen much lol
    Love Di Fords quilt your making...will have to go have a snoop at her patterns....sorry to hear your feeling unwell...hope you can hexi on the lounge thou???

  2. Your positive outlook is so refreshing Mel! I hope you are feeling better soon! Your Di Ford quilt will be fabulous!

  3. Love your hexies...I spy some favourite fabrics amongst them xx

  4. Such pretty fabrics in your hexies. You must be a very patient person to work with such small ones.

  5. Beautiful hexies you were sent Mel, and lovely ones you are working on.

  6. This will be a great Hexagonquilt. I know the wonderful patterns from Di Ford. Quiltmania published wo great book with her quilts.

    Greetings from Germany

  7. Lovely collection of hexies you have made..

  8. Hello Melody!...at last I have made it through the list as far as your blog....gosh I am slow! love the hexi's and how sweet for Lynette to send you some in the mail. Have a good week!



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