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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Swap Hexies

Yesterday I spent the day in the garden, cleaning up after a couple of thunderstorms over the weekend.  Lots of sticks and bark down from the gum trees so I got to play with my mulcher.  
So after an active day it was lovely to sit down and make a swap hexie or two.

These will be heading off to the USA along with some cute buttons from the Gemelli Girls.
All part of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap
Did you watch the Great British Sewing Bee?  In Series 1, one contestant - Heather - had the most wonderful pincushion.  I, along with many others, fell in love and wanted one too.

So when I saw this gorgeous free pattern I thought of making George in wool fabric.
You can find the pattern for George HERE  at Junior.  This is a really interesting site to explore so even if you don't want to make George you might enjoy a look around.
Hope you have time for some stitching today


  1. Such sweet hexies! Great fabrics.

  2. I've been watching that again this week! Love the pin cushion, so thank you for the link. X

  3. Lovely hexies Mel. George is very cute. I'll have to go check him out.

  4. Good to see that is all the storm did. We had a dumping of rain but thankfully no damage.

  5. Melody, could you reply to this so I can ask you a question? Thanks

  6. He reminds me of the autograph hounds so many of us had in school. :-)



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