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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A couple of things

I've just signed up for Friday Night with Friends over at Cheryll's lovely blog, Gone Stitching.  It would be wonderful if you signed up too, so we can spend the evening stitching together, just pop over HERE.
I'll also be linking up with fabulous Kaye at Kitten Stitching, for The Friday Frolics.

The other event I can actually play along with this month is OPAM

with lovely Peg and sweet Kris.  I've not had any finishes over the last couple of months but in September I finished

two of Keryn's little nodders.

Such a lovely mini.
If you like it too please visit Ramona at The Stitching Scientist.  Just follow this LINK for the instructions and a fabulous tutorial.  Enormous thanks to Remona for sharing it with us.

I'm off to help set up for NOTYQ's Quilt Exhibition this weekend
Hope you have a fun day


  1. You will be busy! Love the Christmas Nodders!

  2. The nodders are just gorgeous. She you there xx

  3. You sound very busy Melanie, but at least it will keep you out of mischief! Thanks for the reminder for signing up for Friday Night with Friends.

  4. Opps sorry about the name.....too early.



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