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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Farmers Wife 1930's Stitch Along

I've started yet another project...naughty me...so I've now got three long term projects on the go.  I just couldn't miss this one.
It is organised by Angie at Gnome Angel, so you can read more HERE.  A lot of it is happening on Facebook so you can also read about it HERE.  I don't know if Angie expected it to get this big, there are over 3,600 from all over the world playing along + I bet there are many more who don't 'do' Facebook.
These are my versions of Block 12 Becky

I'm planning on two versions of this quilt.  One will be in Tilda fabrics and hopefully will be queen size.  The other will be smaller, scrappy...using only fabrics from my stash and incorporating the blocks I made from the Farmers Wife 1920's book - there might be a bit of a strawberry theme as I have quite a few fabrics with strawberries

I'm planning on foundation piecing all the blocks.  I've only made one foundation pieced mini so I'm hoping my foundation piecing skills will improve.  
My other two long term projects are my Di Ford quilt...all hand pieced and Rosie Dekker's Flowerville...stitcheries and machine pieced dresden plates.

So a pretty good balance of projects especially when combined with the gifts I'm making for friends and for swaps. All this stitching makes me really happy.

This is a fabulous project
Pop on over HERE to Rae Gun Ramblings.  Many many thanks to Marrisa for sharing her fabulous creativity with us.

Hope your day is filled with fun 


  1. Love seeing your blocks. Such pretty fabrics. Both quilts will be gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful blocks will look forward to watching your progress on Farmers Wife :)

  3. You will be a very busy little stitcher Mel. All projects are sure to be beautiful x

  4. I love your blocks and your photo styling. No, I didn't think it would get this big. LOL! It's been a lovely surprise and have completely upended my life at the moment. I hope you love sewing along and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Super cute, and a lot of fun Mel. These will keep you super busy. Happy stitchung!

  6. It's gOOd for the soul to start NeW projects... xox

  7. One can never resist having a few projects on the go simultaneously. Hmmm, I must get back to my Farmer's Wife quilt and my Insanity quilt. OOO and that other EPP quilt! Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about that one lol.

  8. Replies
    1. What a wonderful project Mel. Look forward to seeing snippets here and there of your progress

  9. A girl really needs more than one project to choose from, and this one will be lovely. Would be terrible to run out of sewing!

  10. A stitching dive can never have too many projects! Love your new one. May I ask a (silly) question? What is the cigar-looking thing with the doll on top in one of your photos?

  11. Your colours are beautiful and if I were braver there would have been one more person joining in.



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