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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Felt Flowers

Lovely Christine lent me her Go Baby Die and I happily cut a whole bunch of pretty little felt flowers.  These are for a Friends Having Fun Swap gift which I will need to make in the next couple of weeks.  Both Christine and I were lucky enough to win Go Baby Cutters a couple of years ago.  Mine came from sweet Fee at Designs by Fee.

Want to know how to make a sewing machine cover?
Follow this LINK to fabulous By Brittany Goldwyn, follow the excellent tutorial shared by Brittany and you will have one in an afternoon.  Enormous thanks to Brittany for her fabulous instructions and clear and comprehensive tutorial.
Have a wonderful day


  1. What a great little machine! I couldn't blanket stitch that fast though! LOL!

  2. good morning Mel,the go cutter sure is a great tool saves so much cutting and they are such perfect shapes,cant wait to see what you make xx

  3. These are so pretty Mel. Someone is going to be very lucky

  4. Wow your partner in the swap is going to be really spoilt.

  5. Wow they all look lovely...hmmm someone will be a very lucky person to receive your swap gift !!

  6. Gorgeous colours in the felt and the thread!



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