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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Treasured blogs

There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I recently found this wonderful blog, and I immediately fell in love. At the moment I'm on a repurposing, recycling furniture binge and I'm sucking up ideas like they are sweeties.  And there are so many delicious ideas here at The Colorado Lady.
just like this one HERE.
Every Thursday there is Vintage Thingy Thursday.  I'm sure you will love it too.
And on top of everything else Suzanne is a dog lover too.  Just my sort of person.
Please pop over and say 'Hi'.

Do you have a blog you particularly enjoy.  Would you like to share this lovely place visit?  If so please pop your details into Mr Linky so we can all take a look.
Molly Flanders is another wonderful place to visit.  If you follow this LINK you will find two brilliant tutorials both shared in one post.
Foundation Pieced Court House Steps and
an Inprov Bow Tie block.
Enormous thanks to Mary for her wonderful blog and for all the brilliant tutorials she shares with us.
Have a wonderful day


  1. There are many great blogs! Sheryl at Sewing After Seven - http://sewingafterseven.blogspot.jp/ does some beautiful things. Check out her needlework!

  2. Have to go for a visit. Thanks Mel x

  3. Such a lovely idea - recycle an old pot

  4. Hello! Couldn't resist adding one of my recent finds: Minki's Work Table. Beautiful work and lots of free tutorials!
    Nesta from http://ellaandnesta.blogspot.it



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