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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My gifts from Daisy Jane

I was lucky enough to have lovely Daisy Jane as my sender in the Friends Having Fun Swap.  I received these wonderful presents.

Three lovely bags, a jar of buttons, a wash cloth and body wash.  And lollies, but they were eaten well before these pictures were taken.

I took these pictures in a favourite little spot in my garden...my potting table. So I thought I'd show it to you
The canisters on the bottom shelf used to live in my kitchen in the 70's but lost their home when the kitchen went all white with a touch of blue in the 90's.  So I keep them in the garden with seed packets, string and other bits and pieces inside.  The jugs are vases and I'm hoping little granny's bonnet seedlings will pop up in the seedling tray very soon.
This little trug contains the sweetest little violas,
called Little Bees - such sweet faces.

Thank you so much Daisy Jane, for my lovely gifts.  You really made me feel special.

Simple, easy, fun and super quick to make, I thought this was a great project. And there is also a very detailed, easy to follow tutorial.
Enormous thanks to Leslie who shares them HERE on her fabulous blog The Seasoned Homemaker.  
Hope you have a fun filled day.


  1. What a wonderful parcel Marc put together for you Mel. How gorgeous is the bag and pouch. I love the button jar.

  2. Truly lovely gifts! And Melody, I really enjoying seeing bits of your home...can I come garden with you??!! xxx

  3. Lovely gifts and I love your potting table - those little violas are indeed very sweet.

  4. lovely lovely gifts from Marc, I do like that bag.... what a great potting table... I would have it in my house!

  5. Good morning Mel ,wow such a wonderful package you have received from Marc ,love how it all goes together,enjoy your new goodies my friend and I also love your potting bench xx

  6. Beautiful gifts . Love the pics of your plants and potting table. I just wish the weather would improve so that I can get outside and do some potting myself. Then again, I probably wouldn't get as much stitching done.

  7. You received some fabulous gifts and I love your little potting area.The violas are really cute! :) x

  8. Gorgeous gifts Mel and such a pretty spot in your garden xx

  9. Hi Melody! I followed the link here from your fb posting and have now discovered your lovely blog! I love getting a peek into your garden and the gifts you received are very beautiful. I look forward to seeing more! :)

  10. Hi Melody - what a great parcel of beautiful goodies from the swap! Very pretty flowers to see in your garden

  11. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. And your garden spot looks so sweet -

  12. Such beautiful gifts you received and I love your garden area , so inviting and cheerful !

  13. The garden is delightful but I really love your potting bench! You are lucky I don't live closer as I'd be over in a flash! Beautiful gifts as one can never have too many bags!



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