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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hippety Hop...

...my completed bunny block.
There are lots and lots and lots of blocks in United Stitches that I adore but I had to stitch my very favourite first. I think I'll buy a second set of two as I want to stitch this block lots of times...a great gift for my bunny loving friends.

I've been a bit of a sickie, so I've not a lot of sewing to share, but I did rally myself enough to go the the Bernard Fanning concert at the Melbourne Zoo as part of it the Twilights Concert series.  It was a birthday present from my wonderful son, Sam, and we had a brilliant time.
Bernard and the band were fabulous.  When Sam was learning to drive we did a number of country trips.  We'd visit a town, with a patchwork shop, have a lovely lunch together and drive home along the back roads with Powderfinger blasting out of the stereo.  These days are some of my fondest memories, special times with my much loved Sammy.
Here is another lovely cushion pattern and tutorial.  Just follow this LINK.
It is designed by Andy from A Bright Corner and featured on the Therm-o-web site.  Huge thanks to all involved, it is such a lovely design.
Have a great day


  1. Wow! that was quick! Lovely pictures Mel. Hugs to your lovely son Sam xx

  2. Those bunnies are so sweet, Mel. Their faces are so cute! Glad you had a good time at the Twilights. I used to go a lot many years ago when they first started. I was a zoo volunteer and we would look after the picnic hampers. That was before Mitchell was born!

  3. How cute are those bunnies! So sorry to hear you have been unwell again but so pleased to know you rallied and enjoyed yourself so much. Angel hugs.

  4. Such cute little bunnies!! That is a wonderful photo of you and Sam, and it's so lovely to hear of such fun times you both had.

  5. Such cute bunnies! It is so lovely to see that gorgeous photo of you and Sam and how nice to revisit those special days together. Feel better soon xx

  6. Such a cute bunny stitchery. Glad you got to enjoy the concert, I have good learner driver memories too (and 2 more to go).

  7. Glad you had a great time at the concert.
    I can see why you chose that block to do first. The bunnies are gorgeous.

  8. A gorgeous block to start with Mel. Hope you're feeling much better. What a fabulous night with Sam

  9. The bunnies look so springy! We were generously given 8 inches of snow yesterday so anything springy looks so welcome. Can't wait to see what's next.

  10. So love the sweet bunnies! What wonderful memories :) I have similar ones with my sister (she's four years younger) driving around central Victoria and the Northern suburbs of Melbourne :)



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