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Friday, January 9, 2015

Mini Tornado in Vermont

My brother and his family were caught up in the wild storms that hit Melbourne's eastern suburbs on Wednesday.  I had to race out and collect Bruce from the airport as both Libby and Max and their cars were trapped in their home by this storm damage.

Yes that's the roots of a tree, that ripped up the footpath, as it fell.
And this is the view from the other side.  That's Libby and Bruce's driveway you can see in the background. No wonder they couldn't get their cars out. These trees came out roots and all but on our way back to Bruce's place we saw many large trees with their trunks snapped in half.  
I'm in the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and yesterday I made my January hexies which are heading off to Iceland.  I will pop in one of my beautiful Theodora Cleave buttons too.

I just signed up to stitch along with Cheryll and friends tonight.  Would you like to join us?  Please pop over to Cheryll's and sign up.

The instructions to make this wonderful tee-pee are so clear and easily understood, that I think I'll make one for Henry.
If you would like to make one too please follow this LINK to the DIY Mommy.  Enormous thanks to Christina for sharing this brilliant project with us.
Hope you have a really happy day


  1. Wow! Lucky you were on hand to pick up your brother Mel...that storm damage look terrible. Thank goodness they didn't have any storm damage to their cars. Your hexies are lovely, the button cute...see you later tonight/tomorrow for FNWF.

  2. Gosh I'm glad you're all alright. That must have been some crazy weather to rip trees that size out of the ground. I'm glad it wasn't worse and hope there's too much damage to houses.

  3. Wow Melody that storm was vicious and it certainly made a mess. So pleased no one was hurt.
    That Teepee is brilliant isn't it, I have looked at it many times and thought about making it but have ended up saving the pattern for the day we have grandchildren (which hopefully may be a wee while away). Love your hexies.

  4. OMG Mel who would think that that would happen in Melbourne,such damaged,glad no one was hurt,is Vermont faR from you,stay safe my friend and love your hexies.xx

  5. Goodness! I saw all this on the news of course, but it is all the more scary when you 'know' those involved! I trust the clean up is underway and the insurance will cover new cars! Stay safe today too!

  6. Thank goodness all are okay! What a storm! I'm still working on those bookmarks in the evening (only 2 more!) and then during the day I am working on cleaning and organizing. I wish I could just sit and stitch but I have meals, bills and my self-sufficient life to maintain! LOL! Meanwhile I take pleasure in watching your accomplishments. Stay well sweetie!

  7. Hi Melody!! That is sooo scary!! I am glad your brother and his family are safe!! Yiks!! Your January hexies are gorgeous!!

  8. Wow! Thats amazing, even more so in calm Melbourne! Thank goodness your family wasn't hurt.

  9. Unreal! I am so glad that no one was hurt, It will take some time to clear that lot up. Keep well, Thanks for the lovely link too.

  10. Pleased all were ok... such a terrible storm but the trees can be cleared as long as no one is hurt..

    Cute hexies and I just love those buttons.

  11. Oh how scary. What a mess. Just glad everyone is ok.
    Hope you can get some stitching done tonight

  12. So much damage from that storm, but only in a very small area! Amazing.

  13. What a massive tree Mel. Lucky not closer to their house. So much damage. Beautiful hexies

  14. OUCH! Glad they weren't injured and their house wasn't touched. A few trees went down in Somerville and various areas of the Peninsula. I was supposed to go out but cancelled because I didn't want to travel on the roads lined with big gum trees. Love your hexie rosettes.

  15. Wow! That would have been something else. We had nothing like it here in Ballarat.
    It's good that all was reasonably well. Cars, houses and gardens can be fixed or replaced. People not so much.



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