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Friday, December 19, 2014

More from Sweet Peg

I am taking part in a great Christmas swap organised by Shez and Peg as part of the Friends Having Fun Swap group. I am lucky enough to be receiving my presents from super present giver Peg and I certainly love everything I've opened so far.

Thank you so much sweet Peg, I'm certainly feeling very spoilt and I love it.

Today I'm heading off with my lovely friend Christine to a stitchery day at the delightful Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton. This is a NOTYQ excursion. There is always the most delicious Devonshire Tea waiting for us when we arrive. Henry, my sous chef, and I prepared scones, jam and cream for the family on the weekend and had lots of fun.

Something very pretty today from the very, very pretty Shabby Art Boutique
Just click HERE for a fabulous tutorial to make a Vintage Sewing Box.  Enormous thanks to Kerryanne for all the inspiration and wonderful tutorials and projects on her beautiful blog.
Hope you get to eat some delicious treats today


  1. Have a wonderful day Mel, Beautiful gifts too.

  2. More lovely gifts from Peg. I'm looking forward to our trip today. It should be lots of fun.

  3. Beautiful gift from Peg. Hope you have a lovely day stitching with Christine. hugs......

  4. Hi Mel,hope you and Christine have a wonderful day today and I bet I know what you both will be having for morning tea,lol,oh that is the cutest sous chef I have ever seen,lol,Henry is having so much fun.xx

  5. You've packed this post with eye candy! Thank you for all the tips, lots of great projects to look up!

  6. Enjoy! say hi to the lovely Marilyn for me. Lovely gifts from Peg. How cute is that little boy!

  7. Such sweet memories for you and your sweet Henry - I think 3 is the best age :) So fun, so curious, so open to trying all sorts of new things. Such sweetness :)


  8. You certainly have a lot of beautiful Christmas presents and I just love your little grandsons face eating off the beaters like we used to do as children. Hope you and the girls had a lovely day.

  9. These are lovely gifts from Peg.

  10. Such lovely pressies there! I spy a Bunny Hills quilt in the background of Henry's pic. Lucky you going to the Patchwork Teahouse! I LOVE that place.



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