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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Talented Trio.

I recently ordered two wonderful sketches on antique doilies from Michelle Palmer.  Do you know that feeling when something is so beautiful you can scarcely breathe....
... so divine it takes your breath away...well that's how I felt when I opened the parcel.
What amazes me is that they are original works of art and I get to keep them or in this case make them into gifts for dear family members.  Thank you so much dear Michelle for sharing your amazing talent with us all.
On the subject of super talented people we are so lucky that the next instalment of Jenny's Stitchery Club is now available.
I've been looking at the previews of these designs on Jenny's wonderful blog, Elefantz, and getting more and more excited about stitching them.
And now I can.  One of the extra wonderful things about Jenny's gorgeous designs is that she keeps them affordable for everyone.  You can buy them HERE. Thank you so much Jenny.

And more...
Yesterday I shared my gift of a beautiful bear drawing from my dear friend, Michelle Ridgeway.  Michelle's range of charming designs and patterns grows every year and everything is wonderful.  These are the latest two I'm ordering for my pattern stash.
Thought I'd show them to you just in case you wanted to give yourself a little gift for Christmas. Again Michelle's patterns are very affordable and brilliant value for money.  Pop over HERE if you would like to order them.
And if that is not enough adorableness in one post, I have more to share.
I have just discovered The Homemakery
No wonder I have no time for housework, I spent absolutely ages reading Kate May's beautiful blog and exploring her on-line shop.  There is so much to fall in love with including some brilliant tutorials like this one HERE which will explain and show how to make your very own Earring Hoopla.
Thank you so much Kate for sharing your darling creativity with us.
I'm off to spend the morning with my sweet NOTYQ friends - lucky me.
Hope you have time for some stitching too,


  1. You always share such pretty things with us.

  2. Oh my goodness - what delightful doilies and artwork!! Love your post - love the bears - love it all.

  3. Thank you for sharing those divine artists with us, Have a lovely day. xx

  4. Oh My Gosh! Those doilies are beautiful, Mel. You're going to be very busy stitching! See you soon. xx

  5. Your doilies are beautiful...I love her work! :0)

  6. Those doilies are beautiful treasures. Enjoy your day

  7. Your antique doilies are absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to what you create with them.

  8. Fantastic post Mel! So glad to see you up and stitching again. Love those doileys! Absolutely adorable. Michelle's designs are beautiful as always. Now I have to find time to explore that new found website. Keep well my lovely. Angel hugs.

  9. I agree with you Mel...they are so divine it does indeed take your breath away...oooohhhh! Jenny's pretties too...lovely post! Thank you gorgeous girl for your kind words..hugs xxx

  10. Oh Mel those pieces of Michelle's beautiful art on those antique doilies are breathtaking. And I am a big fan of our lovely friend Michelle's work too

  11. I really need somewhere cute to hang my earrings! What a clever idea - shall be having a play. Thanks Melody!

  12. Wonderful post, so many beautiful projects. Thank you!



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