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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Being a tourist...

...in our own backyard.
My mum and dad live in Mornington which is about an hour drive away from us.  We usually drive straight there if we are going to visit.  John had the day off on Tuesday and we decided to visit my parents but be tourists on the way and go to a couple of places we had never taken the time to visit.

First stop was the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin.
It was very beautiful and tranquil, a charming spot.

Next we drove down to Mornington to the Botanical Rose Gardens.
These beautiful gardens are run entirely by volunteers.  I stood on an elevated viewing platform, and with a light breeze blowing, wafts of strong almost hypnotic fragrance engulfed me.  It was wonderful.

Next a stroll along the Mornington main street of shops and an absolutely delicious lunch at Counting House.  This charming little restaurant is located in the old original State Bank and has an interesting history.

The food was divine.

I was very happy to finally visit the Mornington store of Tree House Textiles.  They also have a studio in Balnarring. I loved the fabrics they have on offer and I will definitely participate in one of their workshops next year.  Such a delightful shop.
Because we have been visiting Mornington for many many years it is easy to forget just how lovely it is.  The picture on the left shows the Mornington Yacht Club.  John was a member here for many years and sailed out of here with his brother Mark.  You can catch a glimpse of the beach below, called Mother's Beach, where both Sam and Jack loved to swim and play when they were little.
Next, on the recommendation of Shez and Cheryl, it was off to the Christmas Tree Farm to take a look in the Christmas Shop.  It was overwhelming, but fabulous.  The most decorations I have ever seen in one place.
Finally the playing tourists was over and it was off to my mum and dad's place for afternoon tea.  I should have taken some pictures of their garden, it was looking magnificent.  I did, however take a pic of sweet little Jackson.
He is such a cutie and speaking of cuties we called in at Sam's place on the way home and Henry had fun 'driving' my car.  He tells me we were going to a Wiggles concert.
All in all, a brilliant day. It really was wonderful to stop and smell the roses rather than just driving straight to our destination.
Does someone you know need a new Christmas stocking?  Well the three shared at All About You have to amongst the loveliest I've seen.
You can find the patterns HERE.


  1. What a wonderful day out, Mel. That cheeky little Henry! Gorgeous photo of him.

  2. You have inspired me to explore this area more Mel! My sister is in Mt Martha and I am going to see her tomorrow! You had a lovely 'mini-break'! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. What a beautiful day you had and Henry sure is one cutie.

  4. You managed to fit a lot into one day! It all sounds wonderful. I'm imagining the scent of the roses! Little Henry has such a lovely big smile!!

  5. It is so good just to take time and look at things isn't it Mel......thank you for sharing your day out.

  6. what a great place to visit and that smile of Henry's is just so contagious...

  7. Hi Mel boy did you have an amazing day and how nice to get to enjoy these places that you would easily miss if you had driven straight to your mum and dads,yes it's lovely to slow down and smell the roses,well done my friend and Thankyou for sharing your day with us.Oh my little Henry is adorable look at that beautiful big smile,he is the image of Sam and you,hope you have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  8. I have always wanted to play tourist in my town. You have inspired me Mel! Love those stockings!!

  9. Wow! You visited so many places down here. LOL, I should play tourists as I have never been to any of those places hehehe. I have been thinking of going to that Christmas place soon but it will probably be a bit crowded now. Good to see you enjoying the Peninsula.

  10. It looks like you had a fabulous day, I wish I could have come along for the ride.

  11. Mel that sounds like the most wonderful day. We did love the Christmas shop and that patchwork shop looks amazing

  12. OMG. That XMAS shop is fantastic.
    Jackson is so cute and so of course is HENRY.
    Glad you had a great tourist day

  13. The Christmas shop looks devine!! Love little Henry - what a doll. And, of course, Jackson, too.

  14. Oh, Mel, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I love to see the rest of the world and yours is so beautiful! Wow! I got to shop and didn't spend a penny! Henry is too cute for words....reminds me of my grandson Grayson...aren't they so fun to be around? Love the stockings too....I may have to make some of those as you are right....the prettiest I've seen.

  15. Some great places to visit in the area. It looks wonderful.



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