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Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's the little things I love

I love little things.  Miniatures have always charmed me so I just had to buy this sweet little needle-case which was on a fundraising stall for Eastern Palliative Care at their quilt show a couple of weeks back.
And I adore May Gibbs gumnut babies.  
So when I saw this biscuit tin I had to have it too.  ($10 in Coles supermarkets including the biscuits) 
Once we have gobbled up the yummy shortbread biscuits, it will become a receptacle for a new sewing project. I'll fill my tiny needle case with a couple of my favourite needles and little pins.  Then I'll find some cute little scissors, pop in my sewing and another project will be ready to grab as I run out the door to stitch with friends.
Everyone is thinking of gifts for friends in the holiday season and the folks at Thermo-web are doing the same. The Handmade Holidays Blog Hop is happening at their place now.
You can pop over HERE to join in the fun.
Do you have an old pair of jeans or two hanging around in your house?  And do you have a little kid in your life? Does that little kid love horses? Then why not make him one of his own.  And you can with the pattern and fabulous detailed tutorial at Ikat Bag. Huge thanks to Lorraine for so generously sharing it with us.
Just go HERE and soon little Neddy or Alice or Jim will be ridden around your garden by someone little having fun.
Just to finish off here's our little Henry at the harness racing Friday night.  He had fabulous fun helping John behind the scenes.  His job was to fill up the horses' water buckets, which he did with great enthusiasm.
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Oh so cute and the boys looks so happy !!!

  2. Happy fella's! Love the wee needle case and the Biscuit tin! I couldn't have passed that by either!

  3. Such a lovely post, and the biscuit tin is delightful. Henry is such a cute little boy.

  4. Oh little Henry looks sooooo HaPPY !

  5. Love the bikkie tin! That is a lovely photo of John and Henry. Henry certainly looks very happy!

  6. Such a sweet little needle case and I LOVE those gumnut babies! What a great tin. I'm sure I won't be seeing that around here. The craft fair is fabulous as I am all about handmade everything. It will take me awhile to get through it all but since I don't go out to any fairs it will be a treat for me. Thank you!
    Little Henry is so cute...he looks so much like my Grayson grandboy. I bet he was thrilled to feed the horses. What a great Grandpa he has. I love horses so I would have loved to do that too.
    Cute little horse too.

  7. What a gorgeous photo of Henry with his Grandad! Of course I just love your new treasures Mel xx

  8. I love miniatures too. Loved your post. Henry is so. Adorable!

  9. I love gumnut babies too... what delight in Henry's face...

  10. Henry did a great job - keeping the animals watered - bless him!
    Love the tin... I'm a sucker for a cute tin too - but I already have too many, so I'll try not to buy that one too, Melody...

  11. A couple of great buys Mel...I bet Henry had a ball

  12. How beautiful is that sweet little needlecase Mel and I'm with you - love tins and the one you found is beautiful. Lovely photo of little Henry

  13. I love Snugglepot and Cuddlepie too Melody. My sister got the book when we were younger, and I got Blinky Bill, and they were some of our favourite stories. Your little needlecase was a good find. It's very pretty. I love your spotty dotty hexies from FNwF too. Great job. Hope you are feeling better. Cheers, Tracy.
    PS - Thanks for the links to the xmas blog hops

  14. Super lucky horses to get their water from Henry! Love the gumnut tin.

  15. I too love all things small tiny and miniature. I am not familiar with Gumnut Babies however this tin is adorable. Your little felt case is lovely and so sweet of you to support a good cause. Creative Bliss...



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