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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am very lucky...

...to have such wonderful friends.  Look at this really beautiful pincushion which was a present from my dear friend Christine of MacDonald's Patch.  The colours Christine has chosen are so beautiful... and see the little hexies on the pink fabric, Christine certainly knows what I love.
I recognise it from the wonderful Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan and I feel so lucky I have this delightful pin cushion stitched by such a lovely friend.

Today I attended my hand piecing group at Sewn and Quilted, such a lovely group of ladies, we had a wonderful time.  While I was I was there I spotted this little Tilda sample which I thought I'd share so all my Tilda loving friends could see it too.
and how cute is this tiny Tilda dolly.

Today's link is to a fabulous resource and a great gift idea.
This wonderful Makeup Brush Holder was featured on the Elna site HERE.  If you check out the links in the left sidebar you will find lots and lots of lovely free projects.  This design and tutorial were made by super clever Erin of Sew Bon who designs for them.  There are more fabulous projects on her blog too.
I haven't been to my loved NOTYQ Guild for a couple of months as I've been too sick to go but I'm heading off there today to catch up with my friends and I know I'll have a lot of fun.
Hope you have a fun day too.


  1. What a sweet pincushion! And that Tilda dolly is just adorable! :0)

  2. lovely little pincushion...

  3. Lovely stuff Mel, Have a lovely time.

  4. lovely pincushion. Thanks for sharing Tilda.

  5. Hi Mel ,your pin cushion from Christine is gorgeous,such a pretty design and the colours are gorgeous,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  6. That pincushion is so gorgeous! And how fun are those Tilda dolls!

  7. I LOVE the pincushions Christine made! How blessed indeed, but you certainly deserve blessing Mellie as you are one of the most generous, and giving ladies I've ever met. xxxxx
    LOVE the Tilda...oh my, Blossom would love her own Princess and the Pea quilt. ;-)

  8. Christine's pin cushion is just gorgeous , love the Tilda look forward to catching up tomorrow :)

  9. Melody - your new pincushion is wonderful!! And those Tilda dolls are soooo cute!! Is Tilda an Aussie thing or am I just out of the loop? :-))

  10. Love your pretty pincushion and glad you're feeling better. Tilda material is so beautiful anything looks good in Tilda

  11. I love Tilda too - Her projects are so sweet! The pincushion is so lovely!

  12. Aren't the TIlda dolls cute! I love the "princess and the pea"? Have a great time at your get together and I'm so glad you're feeling better!



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