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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stitching with Rosie

I had such a good day today.  First I was off to my Stitching with Rosie class.  Here is this month's project.
The fabric I selected to frame it is one of Rosalie's new range.  Isn't it sweet, I partnered it with a Cotton Garden thread called Hollyhock.
This photo shows the whole range on display at Gail B's.
Part way through the class my NOTYQ friend Anita of Hillside Quilting arrived with Rosalie's latest quilt made in Tilda fabrics.  Rosie and some friends stitched it and Anita quilted it. This quilt will fly off to the Netherlands tomorrow.

I wanted to share this gorgeous stitchery with you.  
It was stitched by one of our group, super stitcher Lynne, and placed on the top of a circular container. So beautiful.  I did buy some other fabrics at Gail's but I'll share them on another day.
Next a stop at a lovely cafe then off to Somerset Cottage for it's opening day in it's new location, in Canterbury Road, Vermont.
I did have a little shop there too, buying some fabrics to add to my reproductions stash.
And now I have an evening of playing with little Henry before he goes home tomorrow.
Some days I lead a charmed life.
Little Bit Funky is loads of fun. 

And so is the tutorial for these fabulous feathers.  Just go HERE to enjoy all that is so kindly shared with us.
Hope you had a wonderful day


  1. Your little stitchery is so sweet! I really must get back to my stitching one of these days. I miss it.

  2. I agree ! this is a happy life this day ! I love Rosalie Quinlan stitcheries !! How lucky you are to go to a class with her !

  3. Love the stitchery you started work on... you are making my fingers itch to stitch again. So much pretty stuff to ogle at in your post.... looks like you had a lovely day indeed. Enjoy playing with Henry..... xx

  4. Love it, Love it, what is the name of the stitcheries in the quilt with Tilda Fabrics that Anita is holding?
    would love to have these and where can we get them? Please tell us

  5. It was lovely catching up at Rosalie's stitching group Mel,

  6. I love your day in the life of a 'charmed life'.....

  7. such a cute stitchery Mel,love Rosie's quilt and love to see you do some happy shopping and boy Sam and Henry look like you,see you tomorrow my friend.xx

  8. I love the colour of the thread you are using, Mel. Rosalie's quilt is gorgeous. Have a wonderful time with Shez and the girls tomorrow.

  9. love the stitchery and how nice to have a day dedicated to doing it. That quilt is so much bigger than I thought it would be......I had thoughts about buying the kit a little while back.....still wondering about it! Ah, decisions, decisions.

  10. Love the stitcheries Mel. I have all the patterns for Rosalie's quilt. Really like that version of it. Love all those fabrics too. Looks like you had a great day. Hugs.....

  11. Gorgeous Mel......have fun with your little man....

  12. Fun day for you! That's so great!!

  13. Sounds like a perfect day Mel

  14. Love your stitching - and the Tilda quilt is DARLING! Have a great weekend -

  15. I love the friendship stitchery... Do you know what cottage garden thread she used??? Your little boy is growing fast - obviously thrives on all the good things you offer him... Sounds like a perfect day for you... Take care now Mel x



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