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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A fabulous new shop

On Friday (on the way to the NOTYQ retreat) Christine and I enjoyed a day of shopping in Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat.  Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow could keep us away from the lure of patchwork shops.
Actually we were like little kids, we were so excited.  We jumped out of the car and played in the snow.

We had a brilliant day and discovered a new shop - The Cotton Factory.  I asked Alison to write something about the shop so I could include it on my blog. Here's what she wrote

A quick rundown of how we started. 
We are brand new Community focussed Sewing Studio located in Ballarat. It began after a family holiday, where I found myself sitting on the beach watching my sons in the surf. We did this over several days. Sitting there, under the shade of an enormous tree, plastered with sunblock and people watching, I would get out my hand stitching and it was just a perfect time. It gave me time to think. I conceptualised the type of space I would like access to in our town. I envisaged a space where people could share their projects, connect with like minded crafters, attend classes and have access to unique supplies. A space that was accessible to both existing sewers and those that have never sewn before. A space where typical folks and those with special needs were welcome and catered for. The space didn't exist. But it does now. We offer lots of classes, Sit and Sew, Children's programs and host visits from quilting and sewing groups.

We opened our big beautiful green doors on the 14th March. A small old Church Hall (that was also previously a Scout Hall). She is a total ugly duckling on the outside, and an oasis of colour and texture inside. The Community have responded so well. There is huge interest in our class schedule and an unmet desire from non sewers to learn. I list our classes and supplies that we are loving at  http://www.cottonfactory.bigcartel.com

Big thanks to Alison.  If you don't manage to get to Ballarat you will be able to meet Alison, and buy her gorgeous goodies, at our next NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition as she is going to be one of our traders. Hooray.
Here's a picture of my lovely NOTYQ friend Clare.  

She teaches at the Cotton Factory and it stocks her delightful Matching Pegs designs.
The Cotton Factory is 128 Clyde Street Ballarat. Phone 0434 600 817
Here's a great rainbow quilt for you to make
You can find the pattern and a great tutorial HERE at Leedle Deedle Quilts. 
Many many thanks to Leigh for sharing it with us.
Hope your day is filled with stitching fun


  1. Beautiful shop will have to put it on my to see list - come on Mel did you have a little purchase?

  2. It looks like its time for another trip to Ballarat- Cotton Factory, Millrose Cottage, The Crafty Squirrel! Why are all the good shops so far away...

  3. What an amazing vision she had; and to see it come pass! Praise God for such women who bring life to communities and others. :-)

  4. Thanks, Melody, I will certainly check the shop out next time I go to Ballarat to visit my Uncle and Aunt.

  5. It looks like a place to loose yourself in for a few hours I'd say. What a lovely few days you had Mel. :)

  6. What a lot of fun Melody... I wouldn't have been able to resist playing in the snow either!

  7. Utter Excitement! Great blog post Mel!

  8. I would have been out in the snow too....very exciting. And what a beautiful store, just what every town needs.

  9. I'll drop in next time I'm in Ballarat

  10. wow sounds great Mel,must check on the map dont know where this is,not from the side of town that i know,how lovely that your friends patterns are stocked there,thankyou for sharing my friend.xx

  11. I bet you had fun in the snow!! Love the little kangaroo and reindeer they are so cute!!
    Must find that shop next time I am in Ballarat.

  12. Looks like a little piece of heaven Mel....I think you had fun!!!!!

  13. What fun - playing in the snow. Looks like a wonderful shop - will have to visit when visiting my daughter in Ballarat next

  14. Looks like a great shop Mel. The snow looks lovely. We don't get it here, just had some frosty mornings. hugs.....

  15. Looks like a great shop....how cool was the snow Mel.

  16. Sounds like you and Christine had a lot of fun. So glad y'all got to play in the snow. That is so much fun. Love the new shop y'all found. Looks awesome.



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