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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A beautiful exhibition

My favourite plant nursery is only about 15 minutes from my home.  
It's called Bulleen Art and Garden and is always full of beautiful plants, garden art and giftware.  It's quirky and fun.
It also has a small gallery as part of the business.  I called in today for a couple of punnets of seedlings only to discover the current gallery exhibition features textiles.
20th March to 22nd April

Here's what the artists wrote 
Introducing The Twisted Threads: We are a group of textile artists called Twisted Threads and we met at the Burwood Campus of Deakin Uni in 1992 doing Art and Design Course – we graduated in 1994 and have continued to meet monthly ever since to exchange ideas, info and workshop. We are a diverse group with a common interest – our love of textiles. our varied interests range from quilts, bags, fabric bowls, cloth dolls, to screen prints and painting. For more info and pics head to http://gallery.baag.com.au/?p=1727

It finishes on April 22nd.

A LINK to a really beautiful design today.  There is a fabulous tutorial too.
Enormous thanks to Amy at While Wearing Heels.
Hope your day is full of fun


  1. How wonderful to combine both in the one location. Fabric and Garden art, love them both. Thanks

  2. Wow Mel what an interesting place,thankyou for sharing and I also love today's link,hope you are feeling better Mel,take care.xx

  3. Absolutely swoon-worthy eye candy today, Mel! And look at that pear!? Heart beating faster...

  4. What a lovely setting for an art gallery and a wonderful surprise to discover the current exhibition is textiles with lots of beautiful pieces.

  5. Bonus!!! What a fabulous exhibition to find - and such long lasting friendships the group has! Their work is beautiful!! A lovely 'bonus' to your 'call in'!!

  6. This looks like a very interesting garden centre and a lovely display of fibre art :-)

  7. looks like a fun exhibition to come across.....

  8. wow what a great exhibition and so close to home !!

  9. i havent been in there for years, must drop in. i have one of their dragons in my back yard but unfortunately has coped a bashing so maybe time to get a new one!! good timing too with the textiles being there

  10. That was a lovely addition to your expedition. I enjoyed the tour xx

  11. Isn't it neat when you stumble upon things - the garden centre looks a lot of fun and the textile exhibition would have been great to explore - good timing!



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