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Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm lucky, I'm very lucky

because I won Christine's giveaway.  No it wasn't rigged...it really wasn't...truly
I'm pretty excited as it is a great prize.  Yesterday at NOTYQ Christine presented it to me person.
Many many thanks to my lovely friend.
How gorgeous is this tin?  I bought it in Aldi - full of 10 bars of chocolate- for only $3.99.  Thought I'd show it to you so you can buy one too.  I'm going to turn mine into a small project kit.

I've always loved the cross stitch designs of Mirabilia.  I've stitched a few and admired many more in embroidery shops.  But until yesterday I hadn't visited their website.  I'm so glad I did, there are over a dozen exquisite free charts shared with us all, including this one.
Here's the LINK.  Many many thanks to all involved.


  1. You are welcome, Mel. I hope you enjoy stitching the hanging!

  2. I love the goodies you won! What pretty threads! And that tin is so sweet...I used to read that story to my kids when they were little. :0)

  3. I was so pleased to see that you had won Christine's giveaway,well done and what a lovely pic of you both,take care my friend.xx

  4. Congratulations Melody! That tin is adorable too. Thanks for the link.

  5. It looks lovely, lucky girl Mel.

  6. I've been seeing these tins pop up everywhere on the internet. So much so that you just know what I went and purchased to day dont you :o) and I never go into Aldi ...... oh my they sell those delish Jaffa Cake Bickes ..... feel I may be going back :o)

  7. Well done on winning that great prize from Christine, Melody... it's a fun design isn't it?!
    And thank you for your support of the WA Bloggers, I appreciate that x

  8. Wow - lucky girl! And I love the tin - I'm off to Aldi's this morning!! ;)

  9. You have been spoilt. I thought the little tin was so cute that I went and bought one, and like Sharon, I never go to Aldi as a rule. I didn't realise it is a book, until I saw some of the fabric range on Anni Downs' newsletter.



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