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Saturday, March 29, 2014

And I've been spoilt too

On Thursday Keryn made a kind offer to give the pattern, fabrics and some sewn blocks of this fabulous quilt to another blogger.
Luckily I was the first to reply and the very next day a wonderful parcel arrived.  I'm over the moon and feel well and truly spoilt.

Thank you so much Keryn -it's like Christmas all over again.
I had a wonderful fun filled day with my lovely NOTYQ friends yesterday.  We enjoyed a stitching day at The Patchwork Teahouse.  As always the morning devonshire tea was delicious 
and I just had to share the cute salt and pepper shakers on our table.

This quilt is pretty special.  There is a wonderful tutorial HERE to help you make a fabulous hexie quilt for yourself.
It comes from Marrietta in Russia and is truly delightful.  Thank you so much.

Hope you get a little bit of stitching time this weekend


  1. How lovely. It would of felt like christmas. Congratulations, how lucky are you.

  2. You are a lucky gal! I made this quilt a few years ago and enjoyed every block. I wasn't very experienced at appliqué at the time. I had appliquéd the circles for the birdhouses...over time, they all came off, but I'm sure you will do a much better job! Enjoy!

  3. Wow , lucky you , the quilt is gorgeous !

  4. Have fun with your new pattern and fabrics Mel I look forward to seeing your progress,have a wonderful weekend my friend.xx

  5. Have fun putting your quilt together Mel.

  6. That Thimbleberries quilt is going to be great, I love the border. Have fun!

  7. That parcel is a real bonus. Have fun making it.
    The Tea House is such a wonderful meeting place.

  8. Aren't you the luck one? I like your 'prize' but I am totally in love with that red and white quilt. Thanks for sharing the link!

  9. What a truly lovely post! The quilt kit you won is fabulous, as are those cute salt and pepper shakers and Wow! The red hexie quilt is magnificent! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lucky to win such a wonderful prize. You deserve it. Thanks for the link to the great hexi quilt.

  11. what a nice pictures..ohhh and the red hexxiequilt...I love it !!!!!
    Have a nice day...

  12. Your new pattern looks really wonderful.
    And the red quilt with the pillow looks so wonderful.

  13. You enjoy making that quilt. K

  14. Well lucky you! I, too, have the birdhouse quilt that I made several years ago. I have a passion for my pet cockatiel and love owls and I think that is what drew me to that quilt. Also, isn't it great to get together with quilty friends? I am glad you had such a good time and the eats look yummy. Thank you, too, for the tutorial on the red and white quilt. Makes me think that I could do that one. I have enjoyed your post. Thank you.



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