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Sunday, March 23, 2014


I really do live in boy world.  I have a husband, sons and grandsons.  After our Friday trip to the Dandenongs, we picked up Sam's other son, Wil, and headed home for a pizza and games night with all the boys. I absolutely adore all my boys, love them so much...BUT... when the time comes to spend some time with a group of women, especially quilters and stitchers, I leap at the chance.  So back to Sewn and Quilted I went Saturday morning for Anne's memory quilts demonstration. Anne's quilts were wonderful and she shared so many tips and ideas.

Anne does not limit herself to photos.  
The original of this design was painted by Anne's aunt.  Anne photographed it and then printed it on fabric creating the most delightful cushion. (oooh, look at all that delicious Bonnie and Camile in the background.)
I was captivated by this quilt.  
Anne used her Photoshop skills to rework some photos so that they took on the look of black ink sketches.  

A brilliant idea.  Indeed much of the reason the photos Anne printed look so good was her skilled use of Photoshop to tweak the colour saturation and tidy up the photo backgrounds.  Looks like I'll be asking our family's computer wizz, Jack, to help me here.

It was particularly nice to meet lovely Rhonda, who reads this blog regularly.  Hi Rhonda.  All the ladies in the group were so friendly and charming - quilters are just the best people.

Many thanks to Anne, who so kindly shared her skills and knowledge with us.  We were all very lucky to go home with lots of ideas and inspiration and free samples Matilda's Own Inkjet Printable fabric. You can buy this from Sewn and Quilted and they do have an on-line shopping service

All in all a wonderful girlsworld outing.
This is so beautiful.
Just one of a divine selection of free charts very generously shared HERE at gorgeous The Drawn Thread.  Many many thanks to Cynthea.
Happy Sunday


  1. But how beautiful to see those gorgeous boys surrounded by beautiful quilts.

  2. Some very serious looks of concentration happening at your place Mel! Anne's quilts are lovely. And yes, I did spot that Bonnie and Camille in the background (and the quilt in the front)!

  3. Boys are great !!! Looks as if you had another fabulous day :-)

  4. I'm with you about living in boyworld sister!
    lovely memory quilts..

  5. what handsome young men you have in your life Mel and what an interesting class you took,cant wait to hear what you learnt,hope you have a lovely sunday my friend.xx

  6. What a fun day! thanks for sharing!

  7. Yay for girlfriend and quilting time together! Thanks for sharing! Looked like fun~ hugs~

  8. Love my boys as well...LOL...looks like a fantastic day

  9. What a fun "girly" escape you had. ;) That is really neat what she is able to do with her photo editing skill!! Hope you're having a great weekend, Melody! xo

  10. Lovely men in your life, fabulous sewing friends - what more could a girl ask for (maybe some fabric!!!). A beautiful post Mel!!

  11. Lucky girl surrounded by boys.
    Love the phot quilt,I've just made one for my nieces birthday which is next month.will have to have a play with black and white.xx

  12. I'd love to be a bit/LOT more computer savvy and be able to tweak photos like that. My friend has supplied photos for me to use on her anniversary quilt, and I still haven't got around to scanning them, let alone printing them on that dam expensive inkjet printable fabric! I plan to take the photos on a USB stick to Office works and get them to print off copies on plain paper for me so I can decide which ones are best, and then use those to print on the fabric. It is way too expensive to make mistakes on!



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