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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some preparation needed

I decided I needed to spend a few hours getting some projects ready to stitch.  I always really enjoy this task.  Rummaging though my stash is always heaps of fun.  In the next week or two I plan to stitch an owl pincushion, an Easter candle mat
block two of  Summertime, and I think it is time to work on my hexie quilt too.

That should keep me out of mischief for awhile.

So sew cute.
And there is a fabulous tutorial HERE.  Enormous thanks to Maker Land.


  1. It's great having a PLaN isn't it. Sounds like a few nice projects too! EnJoY :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely plan, the candle mat looks sweet!

  3. Its a great idea Melody - I did that too recently and have half a dozen projects I can pick up and work on at any time then. xx

  4. Melody - Your bunny is darling - can't wait to see it completed. And oh, my, that little hedgehog pincushion is so cute!!

  5. Lovely work as always, that will be a cute Easter candle mat

  6. lovely projects for you to do Mel,have fun.xx

  7. Lovely things to keep you going Mel.Love the colours for the bunny candle mat.
    Laura xx

  8. oh that candle mat is going to be gorgeous - it has to be, it has a bunny on it!

  9. Love the colours you have chosen Melody, Great stuff.



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