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Thursday, March 7, 2013

An owl for NOTYQ

This year I'm sharing a pattern a month with my fabulous NOTYQ sit and sew friends.  Some people are making the projects for themselves and some will go on the stall at our quilt show to raise funds to buy batting and backing for our community quilts.

This month it is owl pincushions and I'm working on the design at the moment - I do need to make those eyes a tad smaller.  I'll share the pattern in the next day or so, once I'm happy with it.

In February we made owl scissor keeps. You can find the pattern HERE on my Friday October 7th, 2011 post.

Isn't little Miffy adorable?  We are so lucky that super clever Shirley shares her pattern HERE at wonderful Knitter Bees.


  1. your owl is very cute Mel i loved reading your post,sat the 8th where you and Christine 1st met up,the start to a wonderful friendship,have a good day my friend.xx

  2. A cute little owl Melody. I am sure the ladies will love him.
    I spent the weekend with one of your lovely members...

  3. You are so very clever and I adore both designs. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your new little owl finished.

  4. This is going to make up a beautiful little set. I'm printing out the other one now lol and might even have a play with it tonight if I get my other project finished first. Thanks for sharing such lovely things with us.

  5. Oh your owl will be gorgeous-ly cute!!! :)

  6. the owls are delightful, and thanks for sharing, Love Miffy, just too cute and thanks for the link.

  7. What a gorgeous owl Melody - & your stitching is always gorgeous x

  8. I love your blog but every time I visit my project list just gets longer and longer! LOL! I love the owl pinkeeps....so cute and what great gifts they would make. Those are a definite project(s) for sure!!! I love little Miffy the bunny but not sure my knitting skills are up for her yet...but maybe. I got my Miss Maggie kit in the mail today so guess what I'll be doing this weekend? LOL! Plus...dyeing wool...I have to get to it!



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