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Saturday, March 2, 2013

My dear friend Christine and I spent yesterday afternoon at a gorgeous place for a girly gathering.  Lots of delicious goodies to eat and lots of brilliant vintage loveliness to look at and to buy.
We enjoyed a serve of cheese and chutney scones , charmingly named Gilbert, and sweet Jane with jam and cream.  Both were scrumptiously delicious.
They were served on lovely vintage china and we sipped our tea from 'proper' china teacups.  
Here's our delightful hostess.  I forgot to ask her name - she is lovely.
There is lots around to interest we needle workers
and I loved the doily bunting in both the cafe 
and the caravan.
I think it is certainly worth a visit where ever you are in Melbourne but for lucky Christine and me it is only 10 minutes away. Probably best to book if you are travelling a bit of a distance as it is a really popular place.

Here are the opening hours etc of Jam and Cream at Urban Spoon.  It's located at Shop 3/1 Orr Street Heidelberg Heights.  I don't think there is a blog - but here is their Facebook page. 

I think Christine's birthday - because it is a BIG one- should be celebrated in the pink caravan at this slice of girly heaven.

Following along with the foodie flavour of this blog post here is a recipe for
Marshmallow Fondant
I haven't tried this myself but if it works it will be brilliant.  I'm going to give it a try this week.  The possibilities are endless and it sounds like such fun.
For a fabulous tutorial on making fondant from marshmallows click HERE at Clockwork Lemon.  This blog is a wonderful find if you enjoy reading food blogs too.


  1. What a beautiful café and a lovely way to spend some time. Lovely to see you guys venturing away, just a little, from scones, jam and cream :o) hugs

  2. What a gorgeous place and I do love that vintage china. I must visit when I come down to Melbourne in August.

  3. What a fun place and I got 3 nifty decorating ideas from it too! Thank you! Did you see those little dresses with the red ribbons behind the gal at the counter? Were those made from paper? Too cute!
    Also the doily bunting...I was thinking old hankies too. And last but not least that gorgeous shadowbox filled with vintage needlework items. I'd start a needle art club to meet there! What a great place...what atmosphere! Thank you for sharing it! I also went to Clockwork Lemon and that's a great site! It's Friday night here so I'm planning on getting some "crafty" things done if I don't get tired too early! But then there's the weekend too! HOpe you have a great one!

  4. such lovely weather too! Love, LOve, loVE the caravan!

  5. Beautiful, fun cafe. I love the bunting & strated collecting doilies, got two for 50c each in Ballarat. They seem to be a bit few & far between in Perth at the moment - maybe right place at wrong time for me at the moment, that will change. Tracee xx

  6. Hi Melody,
    I just visited Christine's blog and saw the yummy
    photo's there!! You guys must've had stacks of fun
    and those scones!!....yummo.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Looks like a fantastic place! Now the caravan rings a bell from something I have seen on tv recently. Probably 'big break' or similar.

  8. Looks like a wonderful place for a day out! Love the doily bunting! Will use that idea in my cottage!

  9. Great way to spend an afternoon..
    Fabulous company,yummy scones and tea plus lots of nice eye candy......

  10. Melody, you find the most charming places. I love the pink caravan. It would have made the best cubby house

  11. Wow Mel such a awesome place to visit,love seeing what you and Christine get up to,i am excited i bought a old handmade mag and you will never guess who's profile was in it,i will bring it to the next blogger's meet.xx

  12. It looks divine for a lovely afternoon tea.

  13. What a great place Mel, I must check it out, the scones looked delicious, and like Jane I just love the Vintage Caravan. Cheers R.

  14. What a great place Mel, I must check it out.The scones looked delicious,and like Jane I just love the Vintage Caravan. Cheers R.

  15. It looks like you girls had a fabulous day.

  16. You girls find the best places....another treasure by the looks. Love the framed collage.



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