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Friday, March 1, 2013

Just a link

Just a link today as I'm spending the morning having a barrage of medical tests for another weird medical condition I have developed - I am such a weakling.   But I am a happy weakling as this afternoon I'm off to share a treat with sweet Christine, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Wool Dryer Balls
I think this is a great idea, and I am certainly going to give this one a try.  Pop over to Earthy Crunchy Mother where Efilson shares this fabulous idea.  Here's the LINK.
PS Luckily Christine reminded me it was our gorgeous Cheryll's Friday Night With Friends.
I'll be sewing along - if you would like to be part of this fun too, pop over to visit Cheryll and sign up.


  1. Your body might be weak but your spirit is not. All the best with the test results and thanks for the great freebie links, I really enjoy checking them out.

  2. You're not a weakling, you must be very strong to endure all the stuff that goes along with having a chronic medical condition. I know what my daughter goes through.. so no.. you are Wonder Woman!

  3. Hope all goes well for you Melody.
    I missed you by ten minutes yesterday.
    Enjoy your treat with Christine.
    Cheers R.

  4. Hope all goes well with your tests Mel.xxx

  5. All the best with your tests Melody.

  6. I will be thinking of you Mel. Hope all goes well. Enjoy your time with Christine.
    Big hugs xxx

  7. I hope everything is ok Mel. Thinking of you xxxx hugs, fee x

  8. Sounds like you are going through the wringer a bit too. I wish you well with the tests and hope that things are easily remedied for you. Hope you get to do some stitching with us tonight too.

  9. My dear sweet Mel please god look after our dear friend,who brings so much joy to so many people,please help her to feel better and heal quickly,i just want to hug you Mel,hope you and Christine enjoyed your scones with jam and cream,take care my lovely friend,love you.xx

  10. I think I told you I have RA and then I got Graves disease and thyroid problems and when I went to the endocrinologist, she told me that many time when you have one auto-immune disease you're prone to get others. And of course that's exactly what I did but I'm done now and haven't gotten anything new now for years! Knock on wood! I guess they tend to travel in "packs". LOL! Good luck and I hope all turns out well.
    Love the dryer ball instructs! My rubber ones have about had it!



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