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Saturday, March 30, 2013

And yet another wonderful parcel

This time from fabulous Grit.  

Have you visited Grit's blog?  She is so talented and I find every post inspiring.  It is very exciting to own some gorgeous pieces of her creativity.  Thank you so much, sweet Grit.
Debbie's Brilliant Idea
My fabulous friend Debbie at Sweet Little Cottage has a brilliant idea for a Travelling Treasure.
Please play along.  It will be so much fun. Here's the pattern which will be travelling around.

My Wonderful Boys
I am very lucky as I have two dearly loved sons, Sam and Jack.  I am immensely proud of both of them - they are fine young men.  This weekend you will have the opportunity to see my darling Sam on TV if you watch Coxy's Big Break

They are featuring a segment on the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway and Sam talks about the railway in one of this weekend's episodes.  We are not sure if it will be on Saturday or Sunday.  The show airs on Channel 7 at 5.30pm on both days.

Studio Curtain
Every picture in the fabulous tutorial showing Simone's Studio Curtain is beautiful and so is her whole blog, Beach Vintage.  Click HERE for the tutorial and huge thanks to Simone for sharing.


  1. Melody, I LOVE the colours of the heart you received, they are just gorgeous! And the patchwork curtain...melts my heart. You always find the coolest stuff! Thank you for the mention for Travelling Treasures too. So exciting! xx debbie

  2. How lovely of Grit to send you that gorgeous gift. I'll keep an eye out for Sam, both tonight and tomorrow.

  3. What a sweet gift, Melody. The travelling treasure sounds like a fun idea - I'll pop over and check it out. (I hope you get to see Sam on TV).

  4. Thank you for so lovely words.

    Happy Easter.
    Grit from Germany

  5. Lovely win Melody. So sad we don't get that show up here. Would have loved to see Sam :( Well done Sam.
    Hugs xx

  6. That's a lovely gift from Grit there, Melody... nothing like a parcel of love in the mail, huh?! Happy Easter x

  7. sweet gift and thanks for sharing the link with the curtain. So pretty.
    How fun to see your son on TV.

  8. Such a lovely gift from Grit. How exciting to see your son on TV. Wishing you the most wonderful Easter!!

  9. Lovely gifts !!
    Happy Easter !

  10. Beautiful gifts from Grit,I agree her blog is lovely,she makes the most awesome hexi quilts.
    Laura xx

  11. Where on earth do you put all these goodies that arrive in your mailbox on a daily basis?? You must have a huge basement (or attic), or has hubby turned over the garage to you for storage space!! I didn't know that show was still on tv - I remember it years ago. I've only just logged into your blog, and it is now 10.30 pm, so I've missed it, darn it! The Diamond Valley Railway is such a popular spot; we've been down there often since we moved here.



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