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Friday, March 29, 2013

A visit from my swap fairy.

The Happy Easter Fairy visited me this year, thanks to the swap organised by delightful Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop.  We have the same partners for the year and I am lucky enough to have super talented Gayle as my partner.  All of her gifts come tantalisingly hidden in beautiful boxes and my Easter gift was no exception.

Again, I was thoroughly spoiled by lovely Gayle.

 Am afraid I can't show you all the little chocolate eggs inside my basket as they looked too delicious to wait, so I gobbled them down straight away but the rest of my goodies are here for you to see.

I sent this candle mat, a chocolate rabbit and some easter muffin pans to her. 
This gorgeous free pattern can be found HERE at Better Homes and Gardens.  It's called Hippity Hop.
I'm ashamed to say I've only just discovered Jeanne Ray Crafts.  It's my loss because it is a fabulous place.

They have featured a Block of the Month project every year since 1998, making this project their 16th! How amazing, so kind and generous.

This years BOM, The Pixie Garden Quilt, features Pixie Posy and the inhabitants of her wee garden: Red Bird, Blue Bird, Inchworm, Butterfly 1, Butterfly 2, Snail, Bee, Dragonfly, Flowers 1 & 2, and Lady Bug on her Mushroom. 

And how lucky are we as the patterns for January, February and March are still available.  Just click HERE. to zip over to their BOM page.


  1. How cute are the little bunnies Gayle has made for you. I just love the candle mat you have made. The colours are so pretty.

  2. Love the Bunnies you received from Gayle and also the candle mat you made for her..
    Thank you for the link to Jenni Rae's. I will enjoy making the blocks ..
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

  3. Beautiful swap items there Melody... Gayle's bunnies are gorgeous.
    I love the candle mat you sent her, beautifully stitched.
    Happy Easter x

  4. Pretty little bunnies....the candle mat you made is lovely.

  5. Oh I love that candle mat that you made Gayle...gorgeous! Those goodies that Gayle sent you are delightful! My swap partner send me some beautiful items too...I'm really thrilled!

  6. What wonderful goodies you hve both made Mel...

  7. Wonderful stuff Melody, love what you received and what you sent. Thanks to for the delightful link.

  8. I have just finished eating one of those chicks filled with chocolate buttons! I highly recommend it...

    Love that candle mat, your partner is very lucky too

  9. such fun gifts you got... the candlemat is just gorgeous....

  10. such gorgeous easter gifts Meldoy.

  11. Beautiful Easter gifts both made and received , just precious !!! Happy Easter :-)

  12. All the bunny stuff is so sweet!

  13. The Easter gifts given and received are all so beautiful. Love the candle mat you made, gorgeous!



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