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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wonderful two flower Wednesday

The addiction continues.  I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with hexagons and yesterday I made two more for one of my dearest bloggy friends - sweet Jane of Quiltjane and Want it, Need it, Quilt.  Jane is an amazing person who quietly goes around spreading kindness.  Here are my thank you hexie flowers for her.

I always enjoy seeing the flowers blooming in other hexie flower quilts so I visit lovely Karen for One Flower Wednesday.  You can find her delightful blog, Journey of a Quilter, HERE.

Thank you to everyone who let me know the penny rug links were not working.  I think the problem is fixed and you can get them now.

Some more gorgeous Christmas gift pictures to share.  This time from Fee.

and this was only part of Fee's wonderful generosity. Lucky lucky me.  I'll share more tomorrow.

A date to remember.  This Friday January 4th for Cheryll's first Friday Night with Friends.
I'll be making pennies for my penny rug.

This is brilliant.  A detailed tutorial on making button animal pictures.  From brilliant Busted Button.  Here's the LINK.  Thank you so much Dot.


  1. L-O-V-E that elephant idea. Will make that for sure! Thanks Mel... :)

  2. what beautiful gifts for you Mel,you take care my friend,you are in my thoughts beautiful lady.xx

  3. Lovely Hexies Mel, I love the Birds in the centres, wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year, Glad you are back to Blogging. Cheers Rosalie.

  4. Wonderful gifts Mel. The little purse if gorgeous. Sharyn:)

  5. I'm so glad that you liked everything and I hope you are feeling a little better now. Big Hugs - Fee xx

  6. Every little hexie flower, in every colour way is just lovely.

  7. Lovely hexie flowers and the gifts you received are beautiful too. I hope you are feeling much better.

  8. Melody the hexy flowers are lovely, well done, and yes they are such an addiction, I love them too...
    And gorgeous gifts from your friends there, to become treasures for years to come.
    Sending good wishes your way x

  9. cute fabric for your flower centers.

  10. Gorgeous gifts, love that bird & heart decorationy er thing. Jane is so lovely.



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