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Monday, December 3, 2012

More advent happiness

Today I unwrapped this gorgeous present from Jude...it smells as beautiful as it looks.

A really lovely giveaway is happening over at Manda's delightful blog, Krafty Panda. Look what you could win. A partridge in a pear tree - so cute.
If you love animals Amanda's blog will warm your heart. She is such a good person and a friend to all creatures.
On the subject of animal friends, here's a shot of three of my little dogs - Max and Pippi and that's little Essie in the background.  No wonder I love them - they are just so sweet.

There's a bit of fun happening over at The Cutting Table too.

mmmcrafts is amazing and so is Molly Monkey.
She would make a marvellous gift for a little one in your life.  Visit Larrisa HERE for the fabulous free pattern.


  1. one more swleep my lovely friend,see you tomorrow.xx

  2. Oh Melody I love your little dogs, they are so cute! Hugs x

  3. Your advent present is lovely. The beading trim looks great. Such cute little dogs. Pets are wonderful aren't they. Thanks for the monkey link. Since I am just browsing around I will check out the 12 days of Christmas now.

  4. Aww, thanks Mel! I love your present from Jude, it's gorgeous! Give your puppies a cuddle from me!



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