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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Today's treasure is my new and fabulous friend, Gina.  Back in September Christine and I met Gina at the Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery, where there was an exhibition featuring just a fraction of Gina's exquisite vintage linen collection. It was like we were old friends and we chatted for over 2 hours.

We were also very lucky, as Gina invited us to her home to have a private viewing of the collection.  And that's exactly where we went yesterday.

There were wardrobes and chest of draws and boxes and bags of the most divine examples of the needleworkers art.

Christine has written a fabulous blog post HERE and shares many pictures of the collection.
Here are a few more pictures.

The detail in each embroidery was wonderful.

We had the best time.  Not only did Gina share her collection with us, she made us a delicious lunch too.
Another highlight for me was seeing her beautiful cats.  Here's Topsy, who weighs 9 kg. WOW.
So Tuesday's Treasure is fabulous Gina, a kindred spirit and hopefully a new friend for life.

Do you have something you treasure to share today.  If you would like to play along, please put your details into Mr Linky.

What else could it be today but some links to vintage linen stitchery patterns.
I love these from wonderful TipNut, always a fabulous resource.  Here's the LINK

I adore this idea for a vintage hanky.  I've only just discovered Beach Vintage and I love it. Here's the LINK.
And I thought you might enjoy this post at Free Pretty Things For You.  Such a brilliant blog.  Here's the LINK.
PS Why not pop over and visit Gina at her wonderful blog, Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linen.


  1. wow Mel what a special treat you both had,you lucky girls the linens are gorgeous,thankyou for sharing.,only 4 more sleeps now.xx

  2. They are all absolutely glorious, wow what a collection.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous collection. It's so good to see

  4. Whoops....it's so good to see them being loved and collected instead of being thrown out. There's so much work in them.

  5. What a special day we had Mel. We are so lucky. Thank you to Gina for sharing all the beautiful linen with us.

  6. Stunning collection! Mine pales in comparison. How wonderful that all this beautiful handwork is cared for and appreciated. I do hope Gina uses it sometimes... a shame to keep it hidden away.

  7. Gorgeous treasures Mel....thanks for the links

  8. Oh I am in heaven....how gorgeous! You lucky girls. What treasures you must have seen. I actually had one of those tissue pockets. LOL!

  9. Wow Melody - how envious are we. And what a fantastic collection - it looks amazing

  10. WOW! Gina's collection seems to be in pristine condition!

  11. thank you so much for sharing... brought back childhood memories... visiting grandmas and aunts

  12. Lovely post Melody,I love vintage needleworks ,and try to imagine the lady's stitching them.
    I will go to Gina's blog and have a look.
    Laura xx

  13. Melody, if any of your readers are still following this post, I just want to thank them for their lovely comments. And if any of them are in Melbourne and would like to see my collection in person, just email me through my blog and we can arrange something. I just love to share my collection and am happy to take a bunch of linens out to show a group (or even just one or two people) as long as I don't have to drive more than 20 kilometres away from home, lol!
    And tell Carolyn that yes, I do use my linens - you've seen my house;-)

  14. Lovely post Melody, all those vintage linens are gorgeous. Thank you for the links to all the wonderful free patterns too.



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