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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting ready to stitch

Lovely Shez has a very cute (but scary) Countdown to Christmas happening at the top of her blog so I know there are only 62 days until Christmas.  Time to really get a wriggle on, so last night I prepped a couple of Christmas projects ready for hand sewing.  

I'm off to a Sit and Sew day at lovely NOTY so hopefully I'll get some stitching done.

Aren't these beautiful?
I love this design because I've been felting jumpers this year and this is what clever Cheryl at Felt Sew Good uses to make them.  Here's the LINK. Huge thanks to Cheryl.


  1. Enjoy your day with "friends" sewing. :)

  2. Christmas is coming so quickly! I did ask Shez to add a number 1 to the beginning of the countdown number to give us more time! Have fun at NOTY. Not sure if I'll make it tonight. Nelson has a Grade 6 exhibition happening. Why do schools always run things on Thursday nights? Don't they know that's quilting night!

  3. Love the roses! I love felting wool too...of any kind! You have the best "connections"!
    OMG! I see my blog here on your website! Thank you! You made my day! I was just thinking how much I would love to attend your sewing day event. Does anyone have an Ipad or tablet with wireless and you could Skype me in! Oprah does it all the time and Skype is free!
    I looked up the patterns that Erica Kaplow(?) has designed and there are only 2 or 3....I have the one with the house in the middle and you have the other one! I love her designs but she doesn't seem to do it very often. I really do think I will start designing my own now. I'll keep you informed about how that goes! LOL! Thanks again for visiting me!

  4. yep it is scary being reminded of how many days left,so much to do still,lol.Have fun stitching with your friends Mel.xx

  5. Have fun with your sewing day, Love the reminder about how long tim Christmas!

  6. Yikes, I have to get a wriggle on.....

  7. Enjoy you day stitching with friends melody..
    I try not to look at Shez's countdown but it doesn't work..
    I also much get a wriggle on.

  8. I agree ! this countdown is scary !!! hopefully we will sew on time !!



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