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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I recently attended the fabulous Wattle Festival in Hurstbridge, about a 15minute drive from where I live.  One of my favourite parts of the day was the yarn bombing which occurred in the township.
This one commemorates the 100th anniversary of the railway reaching Hurstbridge
and this one celebrates the beautiful wattle which blooms this time of year.

If you pop yarn bombing images into Google you will be amazed by what appears.

I love the whole concept of yarn bombing, the whimsy of the act appeals to me so much.
(Check our Ned Hardy's fabulous pictures HERE.)
 People are so inventive and creative and wonderful.  It makes me very happy.  So this week yarn bombing is my Tuesday treasure.

Do you have something you treasure to share with us today.  Please pop your details into Mr Linky and join in the fun.

A scrappy log cabin block tutorial is right HERE.

Many thanks to wonderful Elizabeth Hartman at her brilliant blog Oh Fransson!


  1. Great treasure choice today. The surprise of yarn bombing is fun and random.

  2. what a lovely interesting post Mel,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  3. Arrgh you've reminded me I was going to stop on the way back from the Day of the Father visit and take a photo of the yarn bombing on the railway fence...it was still too busy on the Main Road on the southbound trip...and I forgot!!! It looked fantastic. Did you also see the yarn bombing on the bollards at the shops north of the Arthurs Creek Road/Anzac Avenue roundabout? Very colourful...

  4. Wow it is amazing. I love the spider webs on the tree...I think that was my favourite. I had never heard of it before.

  5. What a lot of fun! Love the phone booth. They do something similar in Warwick (about an hour and a half drive from here) for the Jumpers & Jazz festival they have every July.

  6. I think yarn bombing is a great idea & the brighter the better! Great treasure. The Wattle Festival sounds lovely. Tracee xx

  7. What a great Tuesday Treasure! I love all the wonderful yarn bombing I've been seeing around but hadn't thought of looking on Flickr so thanks for suggesting it.

  8. This is a new concept to me but totally facinating! Sorry I didn't partake in Tuesday Treasure this week....concentrating on sewing for a change!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs



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