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Saturday, August 4, 2012

This might be useful...

...for visitors to Melbourne.  While I was at last Friday's craft fair I got talking to a delightful young woman from the CWA (Country Woman's Association) and she was telling me they run a charming Bed and Breakfast in Toorak where the rates are very  reasonable.  It is located in a beautiful old home
situated in magnificent gardens
and I think the rooms have an old world charm.
Here are the rates

Room Type
Victorian Members
Interstate Members
Non Members
Twin Share
Ensuite – Twin Share or Double
Extra Bed in room
 Room rates include a continental breakfast

I thought this might be useful for any of you travelling to Melbourne to visit quilt shows or even catch up with your bloggy friends in person.

Last year it was cats
and this year it's dogs
Enormous thanks to fabulous Helena Brorhed for designing and sharing these fabulous BOMs with us.  Here's the LINK to the freebies on Syverkstan Quilting.


  1. That's a great tip! Toorak is such a lovely part of town.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place o stay with resonable rates too.
    Yes I love Helena's designs. have all the cats and dogs but have not make any yet..

  3. Thanks for the CWA info Melody. I did know this but the memory had been long lost along the way :) the other place I always forget to checkout when heading to Melb is the RACV who have accommodation right in the middle of town.

  4. cute appliques Mel.xx



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