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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I've always been fascinated by this book.  It used to belong to my high school best friend, Linda, and when we finished school she gave it to me. It's called How to Attain and Retain Beauty and was written in 1935. It is a fascinating insight into how much, and how little life has changed for women in the last 77 years.

No matter how much I wanted curls I can't imagine being connected to this 4 volt hairdressing machine which is worked off the ordinary mains.  
And the sections on Lassoing a Husband and It Power over Men are amazing. I can remember as a fourteen year girl being highly amused and yet annoyed by statements like this:

It's also amusing to read how the author mourns the loss of good manners , correct speech and general standards by young people (our grandparents or great grandparents)) of the time. 
 I love these insights into the social history of our forebears and will always treasure this book.  Do you have something you treasure to share today.  Please pop your details into Mr Linky and play along.

My fabulous Winter Wonderland present from Carol arrived and it was full of the most wonderful goodies.
A gorgeous curly whirly scarf
quilt panel, 2 yarn necklaces and the cutest pineapple marker
A thread catcher, scissor keep and the cutest ever pin cushion.
Thank you so much Carol, you really spoiled me.  I adore every single pressie you sent.

I think Bunny Mummy is a brilliant blog, full of dazzling colour and creative generosity.
Here is a link to these amazing Sunburst Granny Hearts.  Huge thanks to Jacquie.


  1. what a lovely keepsake the book would remind you of your friend,lovly winterland goodies mel,have a good day.xx

  2. Those old social guides are so interesting but don't try them at home! Lovely swap gifts.

  3. I have one in spanish: "La belleza de la mujer moderna"... (1915) Looks like yours... I love read a book on a tablet, but the old books are amazing...

  4. The Beauty book sounds like a real hoot, but incredibly interesting nonetheless.
    Lovely swap items. I love the ladybug pincushion especially.
    Looking at those darling granny hearts makes me want to learn how to crochet properly. Very cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That book is a treasure indeed... you must get some laughs out of that... lovely parcel you received and thanks for hosting another treasure day...

  6. It is very interesting to look back on the attitudes of bygone days. Great treasure Melody and lovely wintery parcel too.

  7. Such a sweet book and it it wonderful that you have kept if for all of these years.



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