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Monday, May 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home Part 5

The seasons are passing and autumn has come to our penny rugs.
First make the autumn tree.  I traced around a saucer to get the green felt circle,
and sticky taped the tree trunk to the brown felt for the trunk.
Once you have your tree pieces, glue them to the background and blanket stitch around the edges.
Next cut some autumn leaves (just like in Block 1) and stitch them in little bunches to the tree.  Stitch a small pile of leaves under the tree.  Later on, when we have the embroidery month, we will embroider a garden fork near the pile of raked leaves.
 I couldn't resist adding a little owl button to my tree.
Next cut a strip of felt to represent the clothes line pole - mine is 1/4" by 6" and blanket stitch in place.  I sewed mine about 9" from the tree trunk.  Chain stitch the clothes line between the post and the tree and attached your mini quilts to the clothes line with a couple of stitches to represent the clothes pegs.
I made my mini quilts by glueing some appropriate fabric to felt,
then blanket stitching around the edges and quilting with small running stitches.

I'm having a little trouble with my scanner so the tree trunk template isn't ready to down load yet but should be available by tonight.  I'll add a link to the end of this post.  Happy penny rug sewing.
Here's the link


  1. Oh Mel... this ones so whimsical and FuN! It will be a BIG hit! :)

  2. Oh it's just gorgeous Melody.... thanks ... I'm looking forward to it... will come back later to pick up the trunk but I can start on the saucer tree now....

  3. I love your penny rug, I adore the tree, the mini quilts and the owl button is so very very cute!

  4. Mel it looks so fantastic ,i am loving seeing this project come together.xx

  5. Oh it looks so gorgeous, I must get on with mine! Is this tree beside the birdhouses?

  6. That is so sweet. Beautiful job.

  7. ADORABLE - too too sweet!!!

  8. I cut out Parts 1-3 over the Easter holidays and only started last Saturday to stitch part 1. I will post photos next week after doing a little more. What size are your little quilts on the line? You really don't mention too much about them. Thanks kaylee

  9. This is gorgeous!!! Mel your penny rug is turning into quite a piece of artwork!!! Love it xx

  10. I couldn't find the pattern for the tree. Maybe I missed it?

  11. I just found the tree pattern. Thanks!



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