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Monday, April 2, 2012

I had the BEST time...

... at the Essendon Quilter's show.

 The first highlight was meeting a whole bunch of wonderful bloggers.
Here we are - Rosie (no blog), Marina from Maisie and the Boys, Tracey from Mistea Crafts, me, Annette from Jindi's Cottage.
After lovely Rosie had to leave we ran into Elyte of Tea, Fabric and Other Things - there she is on the end.  Huge thanks to Marina for inviting me along to this gathering.

We weren't allowed to put photos of the quilts on a blog unless we had the maker's permission.  But how lucky am I, as I got to meet Irene Blanck and so I can show you her amazing work.
 I fell in love with both of these quilts and Irene is the most charming and wonderful person.  She designed the Confetti quilt I've been working on slowly for a long time, so it was extra wonderful to meet her.  Irene's website Focus on Quilts is HERE

When the winners were announced it was thrilling to see Irene win a first and a second prize for these two amazing quilts.  Very well deserved.

I entered a variety of raffles on offer and to my absolute delight I won these magnificent books donated by the Drapers of Mount Macedon in Gisborne.  Lucky, lucky me, they are both exquisite books.

It's fabulous to meet up with fellow bloggers, the quilt show was brilliant, the venue fabulous and the weather perfect.  Plus I met delightful Irene, chatted with my gorgeous bloggy friends, laughed at the exploits of Annette's dog and won a prize.  No wonder I had the BEST day.
With the Easter break on the way a lot of people take the opportunity to gather in a park or on the beach to celebrate on Easter Sunday - a picnic is always so much fun.  

Fabulous Calli at Make It Do has a series of picnic themed tutorials, she so kindly shares.


  1. Wow those quilts are amazing Melody ! Meeting up with other bloggers is so much fun - Your day sounds like it was wonderful. Have a great week.

    Hugs - Fee X

  2. I would have loved to see those quilts... but even more I would have loved to have joined all of you.... I did like all those birds hanging in the net.... well done on your prizes... wonderful

  3. Lovely to meet you Mel. I have linked to your blog - I hope you don't mind!
    Congratulations on winning a prize. Well done.

  4. Wonderful quilts ,and lucky you or lucky them,lol,great meeting bloggers,so glad you had a great day out Mel and you look so gorgeous,love those colours on you.xx

  5. Melody, sounds like you had a lovely day. I forgot it was on drat!
    the book of blocks I have and it is a great reference book. Haven't seen the other. Have you any other photos? all the quilts at essendon are done very well.

  6. It was the bestest day! I had a ball meeting up with you guys and meeting some new bloggy friends too.
    Can I pinch your photo of us all?

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day Melody. Congratulations on your win. Tracee xx

  8. So glad you had a great day Melody, Irene's quilts are wonderful so congrats to her, and to you on your win!

  9. That sounds like quilt makers paradise! And topped off with a lovely win... Great pics too.

  10. What a great day. Those quilts are AMAZING... just simply stunning. Congrats on your win Melody. How lovely to meet up with the girls and I loved seeing the photos.... always so nice to put a face to your blogging friends. Thanks xx

  11. It was such a delight to meet up with you girls - and I am always so stoked when women say they like my patterns!! I was thrilled to win prizes in both sections as I hadn't realised that Gardenhurst was in the "big quilt" section.

  12. It was such a delight to meet up with you girls!! I am always stoked when i hear that women like my patterns. I was thrilled to win prizes in both large and small quilts as I hadn't realised that Gardenhurst was in the large quilt section.

  13. What a wonderful way to spend the day Mel, great photos...

  14. Oh Gosh I can teell you had fun! Especially like thee picture withb all the hanging birds? Show us more!

  15. Ohhh, I wish I was there with you! You look like you had SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME! Those quilts are "GORGEOUS"!!!
    Thank you for this fun post...
    Have a wonderful week,
    Big Hugs,

  16. What an incredible day you had , so nice to see such a beautiful quilt show and Irene's work is amazing . Also nice you had the opportunity to meet some blogger friends , how very special . hugs Sheila

  17. Gorgeous Quilts and Lovely to put names to faces in blogland...
    Thanks for sharing and glad you had a Great Day..

  18. What a wonderful day you had. A quilt show, meeting "blogger friends" and meeting a magnificent quilter. Irene'suilts are gorgeous!!!!!!

  19. Hi Melody...it was great to see you on Sunday at Essendon (I'm a bit behind in the blog hopping *sigh*)...had a wonderful time...enjoy your fabulous new books...



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