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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Organised

I think one of the reasons I didn't achieve as much as I wanted in February was because I didn't spend a day or two getting myself organised.  So that's what I did yesterday.

I'm lucky enough to be a member of a group of stitching friends who do some swaps amongst ourselves.  One of the members is clever, lovely Michelle Ridgeway and she has designed a Christmas stitch-a-long just for the group.  That's what I'm working on at the moment and plan to sew tonight at my new sewing group NOTYQ.

I got block two of Raining Cats and Dogs organised and ready for the hand stitching.

I also prepared Block two of Bluebird of Hope ready for the hand sewing.
Do you love Michelle's designs as much as me?  Yes, then go to my March 6th post and enter the giveaway.  You might win her fabulous new stitchery booklet and some other goodies.
You can also pop over and visit her at Rag Tag Stitchin'.  She has a charming blog.


I've just discovered a new blog which I think you'll enjoy.  A kindred spirit for all my lovely friends who are animal lovers, just like me.  And she has a wonderful bunch of tutorials for those of us who are making The Farmers Wife quilt blocks.  So please pop over and visit sweet Heather at A Cherished Life.

Something really clever today from the most delightful happy blog.  Many thanks to Gen at Color Me Domestic for this great project.

Here was me thinking I was organised but I'm not - today should have been the Teddy Bears Picnic but I got my dates mixed up.  We'll have it next week along with another giveaway.  Thank goodness for fabulous Michelle, who is so much more 'on the ball' than me, for reminding me. So a
will be here next Thursday.


  1. As always Melody you have some beautiful projects in the making , you choose such pretty fabrics .

  2. You are definitely organised! Love the snowman stitchery. Very sweet.

  3. Don't you feel so good when you have prepared a few projects! Then you can just pick them up and start stitching. See you tonight!

  4. I, too, discovered that if I spend a bit of time preparing things then I've got something I can pick up and work on easily - I feel I get more done then, as well. Don't feel bad about the teddy bears' picnic - our guys are happy as they had picnic food today (in preparation) and they get to have it next Thursday as well!! Yaay!

  5. Wow!! You are definitely organised in my book Melody!! ... The stitchery is going look absolutely gorgeous!! ... And your second Cats n' Dogs block looks fantastic, lol! Do you blanket-stitch these elements down? ... The Bluebird looks delicious too! ... And as always, Thanks for the links - will have to check them out when I have a chance!!

  6. Sorry Mel. I thought I had read it wrong. We'll be ready next week can't promise we can share the honeycomb though. Beautiful stitching as always...love the birdies.

  7. I love all three of those projects you are working on.... fantastic,

  8. lovely stitchery Melody and the colour is great.
    your two new blocks are so pretty prepped and ready.

  9. What lovely bits and pieces. I need a maid for all the pesky housework. It so gets in the way of my creativity. Lol

  10. Wonderful it's and pieces Mel. Sorry if this is a double comment. The other one vanished.

  11. There is nothing better than being organised with something that you can just pick up and stitch when the urge sets in. Michelle's stitchery is lovely. I love snowmen. I also like your applique :)
    Cath xx

  12. Love that snowman and your other projects look lovely too!

  13. As soon as I'm done with the quilt I'm doing now, I'm going to join you in getting organized! So much easier to get something done if you can find everything, lol. I need to print out all my bom's and get the fabrics ready! Love your little stitchery and your gorgeous blocks.

  14. Melody... you are the sweet one for giving me a shout out on your blog... thank you thank you! I'm trying to get myself organized too so that I can spend more time stitching and less time searching for things... I'd like to do something for one of your upcoming Teddy Bear Picnics, but I'll need a little time while I wind down things here... I'll drop you a personal email within the next couple of weeks to get your thoughts! Hugs! (So nice to have met you!)

  15. Hi Melody! Thanks so much for linking to my magnetic pin dish project, was wondering how I was getting linkbacks from your blog. And you've got no idea how much the "most delightful happy blog" comment has made my day (I'm seriously blushing)! I'll stay a bit and poke around, have a great day!

  16. Nice post. You might like this cartoon about "getting organised". http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/cartoon_23.html



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