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Monday, February 27, 2012

Some more swapping

Wonderful Anorina at Samiela's Mum has organised a really fun swap.  Yesterday I worked on my gift for a secret recipient and this is a sneaky peak.  I based my mini quilt on an idea from Elefantz Home, Jenny's wonderful on-line monthly magazine.
  This swap has been lots of fun.

Lovely Erin was my January Swap partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  She's the very talented person who sent me the amazing owl block I blogged about here on the Feb 2nd post.
Erin requested either an Abstraction block or a Birds in the Air block.  First I made a Birds in the Air block but somehow I ended up with an eleven and a half inch square- don't know how I managed this - so into the scrap bag it went.
So I made Abstraction but just before I popped it in the envelope I thought I'd give it one more quick press and my iron decided to leave dirty marks on it - so into the bin it went.

Next I made Abstraction again, all went well and I popped it in the post about  6 weeks ago- but it did not arrive, so it's lost in the postal system somewhere.

So I made Birds in the Air again yesterday, this time carefully following the instructions.  Fingers crossed this one will actually make it to Erin's house.

February's swap block was sent to my dear friend Fiona at Bubz Rugz. Fiona asked for a churn dash in civil war fabrics. I do love being part of this swap organised by super Sue from Quilted Hugs.  It's almost time to start my March swap block - this one is to be any block in pink, cream and burgundy.
The next thing I need to make is an Easter present for a swap so I'm starting to search for patterns and ideas...
and where else to start but with Nana Company.  Amy can always be relied on to come up with something fabulous...

Just a reminder that tomorrow's Tuesday Treasures is a special one where we can all share our beloved pets.

Should be lots of fun and there is a giveaway too.


  1. lovely post Mel,gee you didnt have much luck with that block,i hope this one gets to its new owner.xx

  2. Hi Mel, your peek of Anorina's block looks so pretty, hope you have better luck with the other swap this time. I have been leaving you comments, but although it comes up that they will be shown,they disapear, I don't know what happens.Love R.

  3. What a trial you have had - hope this one comes out ok. Love the black and white. And love the churn and dash that Fiona made - always been one of my favourite blocks. Looking forward to your next one. Will try and be organised to be in Tuesday's Treasures tomorrow. Cheers

  4. I love that black and white block. I am having a lovely time and will miss posting about my Stumpy cat. He sure does miss me though. Skype really confuses him.

  5. That block sure gave you trouble... I love my churn dash...

  6. Hello Melody,

    I am sure the latest block will get there. Or else the postie is collecting them for his/her quilt. They are beautiful blocks by the way.
    Love the final photo.just perfect.
    happy Monday.

  7. Ours pets - awwww, as if I don't talk about them too mcuh already. I worked on my Name Game Swap yesterday too, hope to finish & in the mail by end of the week so it gets to the USA on time. Your blocks look great. Tracee xx

  8. Such pretty things you have made for your swaps! Lucky partners you have. :o) I'll have to bring Buster to the Tuesday Treasures this week. Hope you're having a great Monday, Melody! xo

  9. Oh my you have had a bad run with that block. It is so lovely too. I love your block for Fiona...love the fabrics.



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