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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A super bargain

I haven't got anything finished today to show but I do want to share one of the best places to buy linen that I know of -  

100% linen, 150cm wide and only 12.99 a metre 

at IKEA.  
They also have brilliant 100% cotton, 150cm wide fabric for between $5 and $10 a metre. If you join their Ikea Family (it's free to join) you get free tea and coffee too.  I went last night, as they stay open till 9.00pm and bought myself some linen and had heaps of fun.

The ingenuity of our fellow bloggers never ceases to fill me with wonder.  I came across this brilliant idea at Wild Olive
Mollie is reading the Little House on the Praire books and was inspired to create these little hand warmers by the stories of how they kept warm in days gone by.  I love this idea - one in each pocket while you are standing at a bus stop or walking out and about on a freezing cold day.
Thank you so much Mollie - you are so clever.

PS Have a wonderful Australia Day


  1. would love to pop into Ikea - there is one is Brisbane ....the linen looks lovely.... thanks for the heads up...

  2. One day I will get to an Ikea store - I just know I will!

  3. Thanks for the Linen tip. I wish I lived closer to ikea. The nearest one would be an hour and a half away.

  4. thankyou for sharing Mel,i have only ever been to Ikea twice i think,must plan a visit.
    Love those hand warmers.xx

  5. great buy on the linen. I get lost in Ikea!
    very cute hand warmer.

  6. Now that is a great bargain. I do love linen!

  7. Hi Mel,
    Happy Australia Day..
    We are a long way away from an Ikea, but it sounds like an ideal holiday 'treat'! Thank you for all the great free projects you are providing us.. The little handwarmers would have been great when we were kids at the bus stop!!
    Have a lovely day..xx

  8. Wow! I had no idea that Ikea sold linen? The last time I was there they were re-organising their textile department! May I ask- did you go to the Richmond (Vic Gardens) Ikea? Have a great Australia Day too!

  9. I have an IKEA store about 5 minutes from my house. I'll have to check it out. I live in the USA so it will be interesting to see if they have it and what the price is. I too get lost in IKEA.....it is so close but I very seldom shop there. Cute little hand warmers!!

  10. I love Ikea, but absolutely cannot go with my husband!
    Are the hand warmers filled with wheat?

  11. Love the little hand warmers, Melody - my daughter made herself some last year, but not as glamorous as these. She will be besotted when I show her the pattern.

    I miss browsing Ikea - we don't have it here in Tassie - but it was one of my favourite places when we were in Melbourne :( I'd forgotten about their fabric - now I miss them even more! I wonder if I can buy online? Off to check!

  12. They have some wonderful fabrics.I covered my ironing board and made a matching peg bag with some bright orange cotton that had little birds on it for IKEA...naturally

  13. I wish we had an Ikea close by , I love that store but our closest one is 1000km.away .I like their thread as well and quite cheap. Love the idea of the hand warmers , I am a cold handed person;-)

  14. Happy Australia Day to you too Melody. Thanks for letting us know about the linen. I've only ever been to Ikea once and we couldn't find our way out of the place! But perhaps I'll have to go back to check out their fabrics.

  15. Never thought of Ikea. Thanks Mel. I live about 2 minutes from Ikea. Very cute wee hand warmer....I loved those books.



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