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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lovely hexies arrive


When I arrived home yesterday I found 4 lovely hexie flowers waiting for me.  Two were hand delivered by my December swap partner in the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap, Paula.  It turns out we live very close to each other and she sings in the same choir as my friend Liz's (elliek at the Village Quilters) husband.  The hexies are beautiful and so is the accompanying card.

The other hexies were sent by blogging friend Suz from PatchworknPlay. I love them.  One has a part of an old doily as the centre.  What a fabulous idea.

Suz also sent some adorable charms which she got in the USA. Even the paper bag they came in was delightful. Thank you so much, Susan.  You really sent me the loveliest treat.

How fabulous is this idea.

I'm definitely having a go at these.  The pattern could also be used with wrapping paper or old sheet music...  I found it over at  How About Orange.  Many thanks to Jessica.

I loved having little Max here.  He is such a little sweetie but I must admit it's a lot quieter now.  No more waking up to find he'd pulled the contents of the kitchen bin all over the house, no more finding him up on the kitchen table - and I mean really up- all four paws and walking around.  I think the girlies, including Little Esse, gave a sigh of relief and have resumed their peaceful existence.


  1. Such pretty hexies , and I am sure dear little Max is happy to go home too.

  2. Love the charms they are very different. What project will they go on? The hexies are great, and you met Paula last year at the "Quilts in the Barn". She had bought the confetti pattern that you have. Have a great day

  3. Melody, what a great idea for gift bags - thankyou for sharing all the lovely freebies :)

    I'm sure your girls will miss Max - though he does sound a bit of a wild boy (not that you can tell from the picture above!)

  4. Your hexies are beautiful love the color Happy quilting jinnie

  5. Beautiful hexies and charms - so gorgeous. Max was a delight - we had a dog like that once (in terms of behaviour)and yes, they are a challenge, aren't they? Your little girl certainly looks settled - love the quilt she is sleeping on! Cheers



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