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Friday, January 6, 2012

An Angels Story...


... Block 1 completed. Hooray!  One thing about being stuck at home with no car is I've got heaps of time for sewing.  I just found out they are 'writing off my car', just got to wait for a cheque and then the hunt for a new (used) car will need to start.  I'm not that interested in cars so this isn't going to be my idea of fun.


What can I say, with a new grandson in the family who is just starting to eat solids, I just couldn't resist this one.
An I Spy Placemat

Again it's a tutorial, a fabulous tutorial which makes it super easy.  Many thanks to Courtney of mom petit lyons who guest blogged at Rachael's imagine gnats and shared this fabulous project.


Just thought I'd let you know my lovely friend Jenny over at Elefantz has another free BOM this year.

It's called Promises and Borders
I may not stitch the verses but I thought the borders would make wonderful quilt labels or pockets on bags.

Here's a picture of the cheeky little chaps who wake us every morning screeching for their food. Originally the planter contained lovely succulents but the scamps pulled them all out.  So now I sprinkle extra seed on top of the soil and they really enjoy digging around in the dirt to get it.  They are so eager to get their breakfast that their wings brush against me as they fly down while I'm putting out the seed.  It always fills me with great joy to have such a close encounter with wild creatures.  Magical.


  1. Hi Melody, block one of An angels story looks just beautiful. The I spy placemat is a great idea too - great way to use up scraps. I love birds and you are so lucky to have them visiting you each morning. Best of luck with the car thing - it is such a shame about your car. I hope they get it all sorted and get a cheque out to you really soon.

  2. Your angel story is going to be beautiful... pretty fabrics... and I love the placemat espcially since it has my grandieboys name on it!! and great idea for Jenny's borders on labels... and I love those cockies too... we occasionally get one of them but not a whole lot... awesome... but they always sound like they are swearing at me!

  3. Your Angel Story lock is just lovely Melody. I love the fabrics you've used. Sorry to hear about your car. Such a nuisance to have to go find another. The wild birds rotate at our place for feed. At the moment the rainbow lorikeets come first and the galahs sit quietly next to the feeder waiting their turn!

  4. How nice to have such beautiful, wonderful birds visit you for food ... Your first 'Angel's story block is gorgeous ... the fabrics are gorgeous!! ... And the placemat is a wonderful idea! Thanks for showing us your version, and letting us know where to find the tutorial ... I've been looking for placemat ideas and /or designs!! ... And I like your idea of using the borders in Jenny's blocks for quilt labels, though I do think that I'll be including the verses when I do make it. ... Enjoy your car-less time ... I know what it's like to be carless after being without one for 10 weeks early last year after an accident . It's very easy to start to feel cooped up and frustrated about the situation - try to look on the positives ... like all that extra time to stitch, lol!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Melody. I love your Angel applique, and I think the borders idea is a great one, too.
    I feed a lot of doves every morning, they get the bugdie's seed and a bit of toast when I clean Buddy's cage. One is fairly tame, I think he is my "grand-dove" that hatched in the jasmine outside my sewing window last year.
    All the best for choosing another car. Hugs, Sandy.

  6. great first block! Go girl.
    very cute placemat.
    Cute noisy visitors.

  7. I know just how noisy the cockies can be! We are woken up black ones very early in the morning chasing themselves and other birds all over the sky nearby! I love it :)

    Am also loving the I spy Mat - what a great idea. I have 3 young nieces who would love these!

  8. The angels are sweet as can be. Done in reds, the piece would be good for Valentine's Day.

  9. What a darling block! Oh girl, I can't imagine having to go shopping for a new car....yuck. I hope you find something very quickly once you get that check! I love the pic of all the beautiful birds, we don't get anything so colorful here - you must have so much fun watching them!

  10. Angel story is looking good. And I love the place mat tutorial. i will be lining that up for grand children, too.
    It's great to see the birds on the deck. I miss that since we moved to this house.
    I am with you when it comes to car shopping. Not interested. But it has to be done.
    Good luck.

  11. Lovely stitching Melody. I can full understand about the car. What a lovely spot in your garden with the cockies.

  12. Love the Angel Block Melody.
    Such a pain having to find another car.
    Yes we get hundreds of White Cockatoos visit us too.

  13. Your angel block is beautiful and I love the hexie flowers in the previous posts. There are so many BOM's it is getting hard to choose what to do!

  14. Love your angel story!!! I spent today cutting the same quilt in the Ruby range ....starting on the same block for block one too.
    Deb :)

  15. Hello Melody,
    Love your 1st block of the Angel Story Quilt...it looks fun.
    Your photo of the cockatoos also filled me with nostalgia. Before I moved to Brisbane we lived in the country and I used to have up to 25 cocky's waiting for a feed every morning and evening. People thought I was mad to encourage them but I loved having them there and I miss them so much (I also had about 20 possums every night)

  16. I love your angel block and the I spy placemat is such a cute idea , I think I may have to make a few of those.How special to have such a close encounter with the birds , they are beautiful. hugs Sheila

  17. The angel block is just beautiful. I'm sure you've given more details on that one earlier, so will have to go back and look. The placemat is a great idea and looks reasonably quick to make. And, of course, I just love the birds. I try to do that at home and we occasionally get the white cockatoos. Mostly lorikeets, king parrots and galahs. We haven't been that successful in Childers - but I'm hoping that over time we'll see more bird life. An occasional parrot comes in, so they must be here.

  18. thanks for the link to my blog! yours is so very lovely... i'll be following along!



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