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Friday, January 13, 2012

A little break from sewing...

...to relax and read.
I finished my first book for the Beth Fish Reads challenge.  I read the new Stephen King novel 11.22.63 which I think qualifies for my book with something you'd find on a calendar in the title.  The book is about a time traveller, Jake Epping, who travels back in time to try and prevent the assassination of JFK. 
I'm old enough to remember the day when USA President John F Kennedy was assassinated.  Even though I was only seven I remember very clearly everyone talking about it at school.  We had to cut out newspaper headlines for our homework, glue them in our homework book and write a comment.  It was probably one of the first times the harsh reality of life really hit me.

This book has received mixed reviews but I enjoyed it very much and shed a tear at the charming, romantic conclusion.

With reading on my mind I looked for a couple of cute book mark projects.
One for kids from I Could Make That

and one for grownups.
So simple, so easy, so sweet and a free tutorial here at Sew Many Ways. Many thanks to Karen.
This is one of my favourite spots to sit and read, but the moment I move little Bella jumps in my spot.


  1. Your reading spot looks very cosy! No wonder Bella wants to snuggle in! Happy reading!

  2. You have a wonderful cosy spot to curl up and read ,no wonder Bella likes to sit there too.

  3. What sweet and beautiful quilts to read on. And little Bella is a doll! Those bookmarks are great. Are they felt or craft paper? I have seen a felt version of the heart on Pinterest.
    p.s. Is it wrong that I love the monstery kids one more than the heart? lol

  4. It's so great to imagine you in your comfy quilt chair reading!!!

  5. I've been reading too...I think I love reading even better than sewing, although I don't have anything to show for it when I'm done, lol! Love the monster bookmarks, and I really love your reading spot - so pretty and cozy!!!

  6. Thank you for the book review, I will have to add to my reading list although it might be one for the hubs also. Love the bookmarks, 5 of my 6 grands are in school so I may make them some monster bookmarks and I love the heart bookmark thank you for sharing that also. And The Bug always jumps in my warm spot on my end of the couch also. Enjoy your reading time!

  7. Mmm...I've got a cat with a trick like that!

  8. I may have to read that.. so thanks!
    Looks like a great place to curl up with a good read too!
    Company and all! :)

  9. Those book marks are really cute. Well done on a book finish. I am presently reading Even Money - something you put in your purse. Your reading spot looks very comfy.

  10. Oh Mel, you've changed your blog. It ooks great.
    How have you been doing? I have really missed dropping in on yoju each day for a chat and a catch up.
    I hope you have been having more good days than bad.
    I used to LOVE Stephen King and had quite the collection once - and Dean Koontz but it has been many years since I have read ne. I might have to go out and read this one. Thanks for sharing and hope you are well xx

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  12. I don't think I could read in that spot. I think I would have to take a nap instead! It's wonderful!

  13. Your reading spot looks wonderful, especially with that lovely quilt over the couch!!

  14. I've joined this challenge, too. Haven't picked a book for this - and I've never read a Stephen King book before. I, too, can remember JFK dying and it's one of "those" moments for me - along with his brother being shot. I'll have a look for this one. Been reading "Death Comes to Pemberley" (PD James). Don't know that it fits the challenge but it's a great read. Love your reading spot and know just what you mean about being replaced!

  15. I'm doing that reading challenge too on my book blog.

    Love those bookmarks. They are cute as can be!



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