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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My beautiful friend...

I've had a few health issues lately so my wonderful friend Bronwyn at Korumburra Quilting sent me a magical gift.
She wrote a poem just for me.  And although it's just for me I wanted to share it with you.

My Morning Melody.

The sweep of the grass
The bank of a bird
The roar through the trees
The loss of a word

The tremble of a blade
The stripes in the sky
The creak of the roof
The crow call up high

The swing of bark ribbons
The sway of a tree
The rolling of branches
The humming blowy

The carol of a Magpie
The caress of my skin
The warmth on my back
The crack of roof tin

The lowing of cows
The glowing sky blue
The sweep of a swallow
The morning for you


How blessed am I to have such a wonderful friend.  Thank you so much, dearest Bronwyn.


  1. How special the friendship between you too and such a lovely thing for Brownyn to do.

  2. So special tohave a poem written for you... hope you are feeling stronger....

  3. what a beautiful poem from a cherished friend.
    Hope you have beaten your issues to feel on top again.

  4. What a lovely poem from a dear friend ,I sincerely hope you are feeling much better now .hugs Sheila

  5. What a lovely poem, obviously from another beautiful soul... hope you are feeling better now..

  6. thats lovely, what a lovely friend

  7. Hi Mel, I am sorry to hear you have not been well, you are in my thought and prayers. Hugs Kaylee

  8. I am sorry you have been unwell Melody and hope you are feeling better. Bronwyn is a beautiful girl for sure and such a talented poet.Is that rose one of hers.It's beyond devine. It is a blessing to have such a wonderful friend...but you don't get to have any if you aren't one.
    Sending healing and blessings,
    Michelle xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem. I am struggling with health issues lately as well and it can be very difficult. I hope you get to feeling better! Your blog always makes me smile and brings me comfort!!

  10. Melody I am so touched. I have only just noticed that you posted my poem back in August. I remember that morning so well. Sitting out under the verandah and being so grateful for the beautiful morning around me. I wanted to transport you there with me to share it and soak up it's therapeutic power. Those words just came so naturally and easily .. just for you. xxx

  11. Hello! I don't know any other way to get in touch with you. First, I plan on returning, I like your site. What brought me here was a search for a picture of a rose. I just wrote my own blog post and started a Facebook group based on my post. I would like permission to please use your beautiful fire and ice rose picture for my group's profile picture. Please let me know. Thank you.



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