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Friday, June 17, 2011

I know I shouldn't....

but how could I resist this new project.
 It's from fabulous Jane at Want It, Need It, Quilt.  Jane is one of my very favourite people in blog land and I adore everything she makes.  I know my White Rabbits To Do list is getting scary, and I spend a lot of time reading your wonderful blogs rather than sewing myself, but I am just going to have to find the time to 'quilt along if you wish' with Jane and the first fabulous fifteen designers who are joining her.  It's starting in July which gives me plenty of time to rummage through my stash and choose some fabrics.  There is also a Flickr group to join and enjoy HERE


  1. I checked it out and it looks like fun BUT I did resist and not join.

  2. Now that looks like a lot of fun - enjoy!

  3. It does sound great. I am waiting to see what sort of blocks there are to see if they are beyond me or not. Pieced blocks are not my forte but it would be nice to sew along and learn something new.



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